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The 14 Most Refreshing Summer Drinks From Trader Joe's To Beat The Heat

When the dog days of summer roll around, all you want is a tall cold glass of something tasty to drink. If you're looking to shake up your beverage routine, then consider the best summer drinks from Trader Joe's. It's a fun and simple way to make hydration a little more fun, especially when you need that fluid intake more than ever.

Although baked macaroni and cookie butter are the first things that come to mind when I think of Trader Joe's, the store also has a great selection of fruit juices, teas, and plenty of other drinks. So of course the popular grocer is a great place to stock up on warm-weather drinks as well. Whether you like iced tea, tropical fruit flavors, or something a little more unexpected, these beverages from Trader Joe's are sure to be a hit. Liven up your next cookout, beach trip, or picnic with a stash of these cool drinks. Just throw in a few healthy snacks from Trader Joe's as well to round out the party, as noted in Romper. (The Vanilla Meringues or Organic Coconut Sesame Seed Clusters are both excellent choices in my opinion.) Whatever you're up to this summer, keep a few of these summery drinks on hand.



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Nothing says summer quite like lemonade. This beverage even provides a full day's worth of vitamin C per serving. Plus, a 64 ounce jug is only about $3.


Cold Pressed Watermelon Juice

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For a fast and chilly treat, look for the cold pressed watermelon juice in the refrigerated section. The sweet drink will only set you back about $3.


Watermelon Cucumber Cooler

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The watermelon cucumber coolers are a summer staple in my house. At about $3 for 64 ounces, they're kind of a steal, although these super-refreshing drinks never last long. Throw a couple of cucumber slices in the glass to feel extra-fancy.


San Pellegrino

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If you're in the mood for a sweet, citrus-flavored soda, then there's nothing quite like a San Pellegrino. Sweet and bubbly, they're delicious alone or used as a mixer for summertime cocktails, and only cost $5 for 6 cans.


Strawberry Lemonade

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The strawberry flavor brings this lemonade to another level. At about $3 per bottle, it's difficult to pass by. As a bonus, you can freeze this drink into tasty popsicles.


Rhubarb & Strawberry Soda

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For something a little different, the rhubarb & strawberry soda is a sweet and tart treat. The soda is about $3 for four cans. It'll add a new flavor to your next picnic or backyard BBQ.


Sparkling Lime Mineral Water

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The lime really brightens up this mineral water, in case you're in the mood for a citrus-tasting treat. These will run you about $1.


Lemon Ginger Herbal Flavored Water

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If you're trying to drink more water this summer, but want a little more flavor in your drinks, then this stuff is perfect. The lemon ginger blend is especially refreshing, and just a little over $1 for nearly 17 ounces.


Lemongrass Spearmint Herbal Flavored Water

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Sipping on minty flavored water is a sure way to beat the heat. It's also just over $1 per serving.


Mango Nectar

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What's more summery than this delicious tropical fruit? At $5 for 64 ounces, it's a great treat for any family. The mango nectar juice is great on its own or in smoothies.


Organic Lemonade Pouches

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Give your kid's lunchbox a little hit of summertime sweetness with these lemonade pouches. At about $3 for 8 pouches, it's a pretty good deal, too.


Hibiscus Tea & Lemonade

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This new take on the Arnold Palmer features cold-brewed tea and organic lemonade. At $2 for a 16 ounce serving, it's an easy way to treat yourself.


Matcha Green Tea

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These are great to have on hand in order to satisfy those sudden matcha cravings, and they're only about a dollar each. Plus, you don't have to worry about whisking the matcha powder or anything, because it's ready to drink.


Sweet Tea

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Cool off southern-style with a glass of iced sweet tea. The generous gallon serving is only $4. Whatever your taste, Trader Joe's has a refreshing beverage that'll keep you cool all summer long.