14 Snacks, Meals, & Desserts To Make With That Crescent Roll Dough In Your Fridge

When you think of kitchen staples, you probably think of flour, sugar, and a dozen eggs. But when it comes to whipping up a quick and easy weeknight meal, these crescent roll dough recipes will have you keeping a tube of rolls in the refrigerator at all times. They can become the perfect finishing touch to a bite-sized appetizer, savory dinner, or delightful dessert.

Whether you're trying to feed your family a homemade dinner or thinking up a new movie night snack you've never made before, crescent roll dough might just be the move. Not only can you stuff it with your favorite ingredients, but you can roll it out to become a flaky crust, or shape it into little crescent cups or bowls to fill up with just about anything you want. They're a total crowd pleaser (do you know anyone who doesn't like crescent rolls?!) and inexpensive, too.

Once you get the hang of these crescent roll recipes, you might even be able to pull them off with refrigerated pie crusts or a can of biscuits instead. The whole point is to make your meal times easier, so use whatever you have on hand to try these out at home.


Chicken Cordon Bleu Crescent Rolls

Chicken cordon bleu is a classic recipe that brings together melted Swiss cheese, salty ham, and roasted chicken. But in this recipe, popping it all inside a crescent roll makes it even tastier. You could even sub in rotisserie chicken to make this meal come together that much faster.


Blackberry Brie Bites

Flaky crescent roll dough, sweet jam, gooey brie, and fresh blackberries? Um, yes please! These yummy bites would be perfect for snacking while watching Bachelor reruns or an at-home movie night date.


Taco Crescent Ring

Who doesn't have tacos in their regular weeknight rotation of easy meals? Cooking up some ground beef or turkey is super simple, but it can get old quickly. If you have all the toppings and fillings on hand, spending a couple extra minutes to make this taco ring with crescent roll dough will breathe some new life into Taco Tuesday.


Fruit Pizza

Nothing like a flaky crescent roll crust to hold up some delicious, nutritious fruit and vanilla cream cheese. If you're looking for a savory alternative, Brown Eyed Baker also shares her mom's veggie pizza recipe, featuring the same crescent roll dough. Instead of sweet fruits, it's topped with fresh vegetables, cheese, and sour cream.


Chicken Alfredo Roll Ups

So, you've got chicken alfredo ingredients, but the pasta is running low. Italian for dinner is still a go as long as you've got crescent rolls on deck. Chicken alfredo roll ups are guaranteed to be just as delicious.


10-Minute Glazed Cronuts

If you've never had a cronut, it's time. These layered, flaky donuts can be made at home using crescent dough and pantry ingredients for a simple (but sweet) all-over glaze. And they only take 10 minutes.


Sausage Breakfast Casserole

If breakfast food is the best food in your house, this breakfast casserole brings together all the A.M. heavy hitters in one dish. Made of crescent roll crust, sharp cheddar, eggs, and sausage, this dish is big enough to last through the week and hearty enough to keep you full until lunchtime.


Antipasto Appetizer Squares

Charcuterie, but make it carb-y. If you love pepperoni, capicola, salami, and all manner of sliced cheeses, try a warmed up version between flaky crescent roll dough. You could add mushrooms, pesto, or peppers to the antipasto squares for more variety if you like.


Honey Orange Pecan Mini Rolls

Hello, tiny portable pastry of breakfast dreams. A few of these mini rolls filled with cinnamon and pecans and topped with an orange and honey glaze, would make a morning cup of coffee approximately 100 times tastier. It's science.


Buffalo Chicken Pizza Rolls

If you're craving buffalo wings but don't have drummies and flats thawed, you can cure the craving with leftover chicken and some dough. These buffalo chicken pizza rolls are simple to make and easy to customize. Top them with blue cheese, ranch, green onion, or whatever it is that you love most on your wings.


Spinach & Artichoke Dip Roll Ups

Spinach and artichoke dip is a classic party dish, but if you're worried about double dippers, maybe this crescent roll version is more your speed. It includes all the cheesy, garlic-y goodness of the original, but stuffed inside a buttery little roll. So, it might even be better than the OG.


Sweet & Spicy Chicken Salad Bites

Got a potluck, party, or game day on the calendar? Chicken salad is great but not the easiest to transport and share. These sweet and spicy chicken salad bites, with a yummy crescent roll crust, are the perfect option to pass around and enjoy at a gathering.


Pesto, Roasted Red Pepper, & Cheese Crescent Rolls

If you're tired of garlic bread, these herb-y, cheesy crescent rolls might be the new move! They're easy to make and include red peppers for added flavor. They'd fly off the buffet as a party appetizer, too.


Glazed Funfetti-Inspired Rolls

What do kids love more than their birthday? If you're looking for an easy but festive way to celebrate a half birthday, or need a fun b-day breakfast idea, these Funfetti-inspired crescent rolls will definitely do the trick. The simple glaze is quite literally the icing on the cake... er... crescent roll.