14 Easy April Fools' Day Pranks To Play On Kids That Will Crown You The Family Prank Champion


April Fools' Day is coming up, which means pranking your kids is fair game. As parents, you deserve to have a little fun at your kids' expense. I mean, it's the least they could do for you, right? Maybe your kids are always playing pranks on you and you've been waiting to get them back in the best way. Either way, there are plenty of easy April Fools' Day pranks to play on the kids that will crown you the family prank champion. All the pranks on this list are easy and kid-friendly enough, but use your judgement for what your kids can or cannot handle.

For example, presenting some brown paper letter "e" cutouts as brownies to a table full of excited toddlers may leave you with some feelings of regret when you're met with an epic meltdown (you'll only have yourself to blame for that one). But all these pranks are super silly and will likely either leave your kids giggling or full of surprise — maybe even a few moments of minor panic. All of the above are worth it though and seeing the looks on their faces will be priceless. It's payback time, moms and come April 1 it will be time to cash in.

1. April Fools' Milk And Cookies

Jenn's Creativity Corner on YouTube

Make your kids a special treat with this silly recipe from Jenn's Creativity Corner. Instead of cookie dough, use mashed potatoes (with a tiny bit of yellow food coloring) and black beans. Bake them like you normally would cookies, until they're slightly brown. You can also add some gelatin to their milk making it jelly-like and unable to drink. This prank is completely harmless and the best part? It's still edible.

2. Googly Eyed Fruit

Eats Amazing on YouTube

Send them to school with a silly surprise with these googly-eyed fruit from Eats Amazing. You can get some googly eyed bento picks or you can simply use some leftover googly eyes sitting in your arts and crafts drawer. Either way, your kiddo will be delighted with such a funny surprise when they open their lunch box.

3. Balloon Surprise


Get a helium balloon and write "April Fools" on it. You can put it in the toilet, close the lid and watch the surprised look on your kid's face when they go to the bathroom in the morning. For a cleaner, more sanitary option that takes a little more planning, you can fill up their closet with balloons so when they open the door to get dressed in the morning, they're surprised by dozens of balloons floating into their room.

4.The Leaky Faucet Prank

funnyd00ds on YouTube

Give your kids a wet surprise when they go to wash their hands. Place some clear tape over the faucet and watch their surprised faces as they get sprayed.

5. Frozen Breakfast

J - nine on YouTube

This one is a riot. The night before, pour a bowl of cereal and put it in the freezer. The next morning serve it to your kids as breakfast and watch their confused faces as they try to eat it. You can also pour some gelatin in their juice cup and giggle as they try to drink.

6. Shrinking Kids


This one takes a little planning, but have your kids set their clothes out for school the night before. Have extra pairs of the same clothes several sizes too big hidden away somewhere. When the kids go to bed, swap the clothes and watch their surprise when they get dressed the next morning. They shrunk!

7. Apple Worm

Just For Laughs Gags on YouTube

Another fun lunch box trick that doubles as a special treat is this prank from Just For Laughs Gags. Simply poke a hole in an apple and fill it with a gummy worm, then place it in their lunch to give them a delicious wormy surprise at school.

8. Magic Cereal

DreamWorksTV on YouTube

Convince your kids that you're a magician with the simple yet impressive magic trick of an empty cereal box suddenly pouring out cereal. They'll never question you again.

9. Brown Es For Dessert

Kevin Novotny on YouTube

Get some brown construction paper and cut out a few letter Es. Tell your kids you made them special brownies for dessert and serve them brown Es instead. Pro-tip, maybe have a batch of actual brownies on hand to avoid any big meltdowns.

10. Silly Inside-Out & Upside-Down Foods

Troom Troom on YouTube

Have some fun at dinner time with these silly inside-out recipes. Serve cheese as Spaghetti with some inside-out Oreos for dessert. Your kids will think it's silly and yummy, so this one is a win-win for mom.

11. Spilled Milk Prank

Nickelodeon on YouTube

This simple prank will surely trick your kids and perhaps even teach them to take better care of their stuff. Make this easy fake milk and put it on their prized possessions like their iPad, phone or other sacred electronic device. Watch their face as they panic for a few moments thinking it's been spilled on.

12. April Fools' Day Cakepop

Collins Key on YouTube

This video features chocolate covered Brussels sprouts disguised as cake pops among other silly food tricks to fool the kiddos. Maybe skip the hot sauce doughnut though if your kid is like every other kid on the planet and can't tolerate anything remotely spicy.

13. Put A Creepy Crawly Surprise In Their Lunch Box

charlie orange on YouTube

If your kid isn't too squeamish, surprise them with a fake snake in their lunch box or a rubber bug in their sandwich. Don't forget to write a note that says, "April Fools!"

14. Balloon Cake

Kyoot on YouTube

Create a balloon cake by blowing up a balloon and decorating it like a cake. You can use Cool Whip so it spreads more easily and add sprinkles for authenticity. Have your child cut the cake and watch the surprised look on their face when it wasn't what they expected.