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14 'Fuller House' Meta Jokes From Season 2 That Prove They're In On The Fun

Fuller House returned to Netflix for a second season on Friday, Dec. 9 and it definitely packed all the self-referential jokes we came to love from Season 1. Part of the fun of any reboot is catching all the easter eggs that throwback to a show or movie's original iteration. Fuller House did a stellar job of squeezing in not only those golden catchphrases, but also flashbacks, and other jokes poked at themselves. These Fuller House meta jokes from Season 2 prove the team behind the show has been in on the whole joke since the beginning.

Of course, there are also just great throwbacks to the original in general, like Max naming his chickens Danny, Jesse, Joey, and Becky. Stephanie's band Girltalk also got back together very briefly to perform their one hit, Ace of Base's "The Sign," complete with Marla Sokoloff, who reprised her role as former bad girl, Gia. (She even reprised her original storyline of peer pressuring Stephanie into smoking cigarettes when she tried to get Stephanie hooked on vaping. "All the soccer moms are doing it!") Between the guest appearances by other '90s sit-com stars and the amazing source material of Full House itself, Fuller House really nailed its meta jokes this season. Here are some of the best ones.


Max's Depressing Take On The World

While working on a school project in the summer, Max became depressed at the state of our current world. "The whole world is poisoned, polluted, and way too hot," he said while adding, "We're doomed." That pretty much sums up 2016 in a nutshell.


Bruno Tonioli's Entire Guest Appearance


Candace Cameron Burr isn't the only ABC star on Fuller House. The show tapped Dancing With The Stars judge Bruno Tonioli to play Ramona's dance teacher and there are plenty of inside jokes where he references "those popular dance competition shows" and how demoralizing he finds giving scores, "but people seem to like it." He even brings his 10 paddle!


The Nod To Their Childhood Fame

While reading Ariana Grande's memoir, Stephanie took some time to marvel at how well things worked out for the singer, in spite of her humble child star beginnings. She said, "You know, it is so nice to see things turn out well for one of those child sitcom stars." One could argue that she knows what she's talking about — from personal experience.


The Literal 'Full House' Reference

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D.J. complained of her entire extended family invading for Thanksgiving, saying "it's going to be a full house." See what they did there?


The Michelle Call Out... Again

D.J. gave Michelle a shoutout during her Thanksgiving prayer, hoping they'll attend next year, at which point Jesse turned to the camera and said, "Come! It'll be fun."


"Man, She's So Uptight. Where'd She Get That?"

... Danny wonders when D.J. starts to unravel over Thanksgiving hosting. Huh, I wonder.


The Netflix Joke

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While discussing the editing of their potential music video, Jimmy and Steph found themselves wondering, "If only there was some way to watch without commercials." (Jimmy would pay a monthly fee for that!)


D.J. & Matt Can Hear The Audience

In one episode, they gently mocked the audience's incessant "ooh!"-ing every time characters kiss, saying they keep hearing "ooh"s in their head whenever they're about to smooch. (Kiss. "There it is again!")


"Enjoy The View!"


Kimmy accidentally used the wrong morning show's catchphrase when she co-hosted Danny's show with him, which D.J. just so happened to be the host of in real life! (Or she was, until Candace Cameron Burr announced she was leaving The View the same week Fuller House Season 2 premiered.)


Donnie's Absence

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Joey McIntyre plugged his bandmate Donnie's TV show Blue Bloods ("Friday. CBS. 10/9 Central.") when explaining to Kimmy why he isn't with New Kids On The Block on their reunion tour. "He's solving a murder."


D.J. & Nelson's Reunion

"You look almost the same," D.J. said to her former love interest — a nod to the fact that the character is being played by a different actor.


Lori Loughlin Hallmark Shoutout

Since her time on Full House, Loughlin has become known for starring in Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, so when Max and Ramona started talking about how much they love watching the "delightful Lori Loughlin" in action, fans easily picked up on the connection.


The "Step by Step" Joke

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Because why even have NKOTB cameo if you aren't going to take full advantage of all the inside jokes that could be made.


Netflix's "Kid Countdown"

Yes, the prank countdown that Jackson & Co. used on Max during Episode 13 actually exists thanks to Fuller House's parent company, Netflix.

As you can see, there was no shortage of inside jokes throughout Season 2 and fans undoubtedly loved every minute of it.