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14 Gifts For Kids That Will Make Every Lazy Mom So Happy This Year

It's no secret that the holiday season is the literal definition of chaos. There are trees to decorate, cards to send out, and cookies to bake. (Remember, Santa needs his nighttime snack.) And when it comes time to the dreaded task of shopping, you might be wondering what are the best gifts for kids that make lazy moms happy. But first, let's look at what that even means.

Basically, a self-proclaimed lazy mom probably doesn't want to deal with hoards of parents climbing on top of each other to find specific toy. Ain't nobody got time for that, right? A lazy mom loves to play with her kids, but wouldn't mind letting little ones find ways to entertain themselves. She's also not about that Pinterest life, because honestly, everyone can't be Martha Stewart. Oh, and nothing makes a lazy mom happier than seeing the words "No Assembly Required" on a package.

Maybe you're totally that mom. Or perhaps you are gift shopping for kids of said mom, and you're stuck on what to buy because no matter what, you don't want to create more work for the mom. With these 14 ideas, lazy moms everywhere will breathe a sigh of relief. Before you know it, shopping for the holidays won't seem that bad after all.


Mermaid Sequin Pillow

Mermaid pillow with reversible sequins ($48, Mermaid Pillow Co.)

This sequin mermaid pillow is so ridiculously trendy that it might as well wrap itself and will keep kids and teens alike entertained for hours. Get ready for some serious squealing, mamas.


Princess Elsa Dress

Princess Elsa Inspired Costume Dress ($28, Amazon)

The reign of Frozen is still going strong, making a Princess Elsa-inspired dress the perfect gift. It's all you need for a snow day activity and since it comes with accessories, it's like three gifts in one.


Pizza Play Set

31-piece pizza play set ($15, TJ Maxx)

When pizza means more to you than life itself, a pizza play set only makes perfect sense. It's best to start them early, after all. Just put in an order and let them serve you for a change.


Dry-Erase Activity Mat

Crayola My First Washable Dry-Erase Activity Mat ($10, Toys "R" Us)

For the kid that loves to create, gift a re-usable dry-erase activity mat. It'll encourage imagination and maybe even some silence, too.


Hero Cape Outfit

Babylian super hero dress up costumes ($22, Amazon)

Create an instant super hero wardrobe with this complete costume set. It's like tackling Halloween and Christmas at once.


Teepee Play Tent

Floral teepee play tent ($50, TJ Maxx)

A teepee might be a simple toy, but for little wanderers, it's literally a whole new world. Get them one of these and you''ll lose them to their imagination for hours.


Snow Markers

Ideals mini snow markers ($11, Target)

Don't feel like frolicking in the freezing snow? Gift these mini snow markers and let the kids have at it.


DIY Slime Kit

Cra-Z-Art Slime Super Slime Studio Maker Lab ($30, Toys R Us)

When you're too lazy to gather supplies for a DIY slime project, gift this kit that includes all the materials in one colorful package. It basically does all the work for you.


Star Wars Mr. Potato Head Set

Stars Wars Mr. Potato Head Set ($30, Kohl's)

For the child that loves both Star Wars and Mr. Potato Head, this gift is an absolute must. They can spend hours interchanging the features, creating their own cast along the way.


Fleece Quilt Kit

Melissa & Doug Created by Me Star Fleece Quilt ($20, Target)

Kids ages 6 and up will have a blast making this DIY quilt. It also doubles as entertainment at sleepovers, so you can just kick back and relax.


Play Vet Set

VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier ($28, Toys R Us)

If you're looking to get a pet, consider this play vet set to tide them over until you know they're actually responsible enough to help out. It'll double as easy practice before the real thing.


Trolls Keyboard

Trolls keyboard ($35, Toys "R" Us)

Know a budding musician or two? Gift this Trolls-themed keyboard for a toy that will keep little ones occupied.


Pikachu Action Figures

18-pack Pikachu action figures ($19, Amazon)

Instead of sifting through gifts at the store, grab this set of 18 Pikachu figurines. It will even fill several stockings at once.


Hatchimals Colleggtibles

Hatchimals colleggtibles ($10, Best Buy)

Hatchimals are known for sending parents into crazy shopping frenzies. If that's just not your style, pick up a pack or two of these inexpensive mini versions. Done and done.

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