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14 Hilarious Memes For The Moms Who Are So Over That Damn Elf

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The holidays are fast approaching, and that means many things, the worst of all being: You need to come up with a zillion new ways to pose that dang Elf on the Shelf. As though the holidays weren't hectic enough for parents of young children, the race to move the elf each and every night will soon be on. If you're feeling burned out before the season even begins, then these hilarious memes for moms who hate elf on the shelf are for you. Hey, it's OK to have a laugh at the expense of the scout elf every now and then to preserve your own sanity.

How big is the elf phenomenon, anyway? Since 2005, over 11 million Elf on the Shelf books and dolls have been sold, according to the company website Creatively Classic Activities and Books. Elf-sized clothing, accessories, and even pets are now available as well. Plenty of families have adopted a scout elf to record the childrens' behavior and report back to Santa.

For some parents, posing the elf in a new scene each night is a fun source of creativity. For instance, Busy Phillips makes some incredible and creative Elf on the Shelf scenes. Her elves make snow angels, watch movies, and even participate on cooking shows. It's adorable. For some parents, posing the elf in a new scene each night is a fun source of creativity.

However, other parents experience what can only be described as Elf on the Shelf fatigue. For these parents, setting a scene with a doll every night during the holiday season is about the last thing they want to do. Sure, it's fun to bring joy to a child, and get caught up in the world of pretend, but essentially staging a tiny diorama every night — when all you want to do is chill for a minute — can feel like a drag. Thankfully, these memes and funny pictures prove that plenty of other adults are kind of over the whole elf thing, too.


Holiday Wrecker

Finding ways to pose that little sucker every night can get stressful. Who decided the holidays are a perfect time to create more work for parents of young children? They have enough going on already. I'm not saying that this elf ruined the holidays, but — actually, yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.


A Simpler Time

Remember when the holidays didn't involve wracking your brain for creative ways to hide a smirking doll? Those were the days.



This mom isn't beating around the bush. She's also not picking those socks up, and why should she? If you're old enough to text, you're old enough to pick up your socks.


Magic Trick

If there were one holiday trend you could wipe from your mind, the elf might be a top contender. All I want for Christmas is this magic cat.


Reindeer Rap

Tupac on a shoe rack would definitely not care if you were naughty or nice. At least, he wouldn't snitch on you to Santa.


Better Version Of e.l.f. On The Shelf

If you ask me, this is the best kind of e.l.f. on a shelf. No surveillance, pressure, or moral judgement, just cosmetic goodness.


Ancient Spuds

If Plato on a potato doesn't just say it all. (What does it say, exactly? Plato would definitely know.)


Every. Night.

There are those who are thrilled to bust out the elf every year. And then there are the normal moms who can totally wait, or actually would't mind if Santa's little helper never came back altogether.


For Harry Potter Fans Only

In case you're wondering, that's a Quaffle... one of the balls used in Quidditch. (And the other things are waffles, of course.)


It's Always Sunny

If "DeVito on a Dorito" were a real book/doll combo available for purchase, it would definitely sell out.



If the classic Justin Timberlake/Andy Samberg holiday skit still makes you laugh, you'll appreciate this meme. You won't, however, want to explain it to your kids.


He's Just A Kid Who's 4

What makes this one so brilliant is that the words "Caillou" and "bayou" might be the only words that rhyme with each other. Unless... nope, can't think of any.


The Meme Master

The person who posted this meme makes a fair point. If it's all about the rhymes, you really can't beat Dr. Seuss.


Close Enough

Hmmm do "Schaal" and "beach ball" really rhyme? In this crazy Elf-eat-Elf world, why not?

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