Busy Philipps' 2016 Elf On The Shelf Creations Are Pure Magic & Easy To Recreate

For many parents, December is a time to create a winter wonderland of magic for their children. And for some of the more fearless and creative, that means getting the Elf on the Shelf involved in the holiday decor. If you fall into that category but are struggling to find some inspiration (I mean, come on, 25 days of elf scenes is a lot) look no further that Busy Philipps' 2016 Elf on the Shelf creations.

Any fan of the Freaks and Geeks and Cougar Town alumna knows that her creativity knows no limits. From Philipps' Elf on the Shelf scenes of years past to the custom birthday cake creations she makes for her daughters, the actress continually one ups herself in the arts and crafts department. And Elf on the Shelf is where she truly shines.

Philipps Elf on the Shelf creations date back to 2013 when her oldest daughter Birdie was 5 years old and her youngest daughter Cricket was still a baby. Clearly her children were obsessed with the tradition, because every December, Philipps builds bigger and better scenes.

And the best part about her Elf on the Shelf scenes is that anyone can create them. Though her celeb status could probably allow for some diamond-covered elves, Philipps keeps it simple and sweet.

If you're running low on ideas, read on to see Phillips' 2016 Elf on the Shelf creations and learn how to recreate the yourself.


Elves Hanging Out

Philipps kicked on the 2016 holiday season with a handwritten note from her daughter's elves. In addition to the note, the elves brought a furry friend since, as Phillips wrote, "Birdie and Cricket now have their kittens."

To get the same look, write a welcome back letter from your child's elves, and hang the letter and the elves from a mirror. Add in a new stuffed animal or, if you want to save some money, recycle one of your children's old toys.


Elves Making Snow Angels

Philipps called this scene a classic, and she's not wrong. All you need is some white substance — be it cake flour or table sugar — and move the elves' arms and legs to create the faux snow angle.


Elves Watching A Movie

Put those toy cars you constantly step on to good use. Gather the cars as well as some smaller dolls and actions figures, to create this toys only drive-in theatre. Though you may want to opt for a more kid-friendly film.


Elves Competing On 'Chopped'

Why not put your elves to the greatest kitchen test. Gather some furniture and food from your child's dollhouse to set the stage. Sadly, as Philipps pointed out, there is no Ted Allen doll, so you'll have to use someone else as a stand in.


Elves Trapped In Snow Globes

You don't need some Pinterest globe-making tutorial to create this classic scene. Simple grab some jars (with lids, of course) fill them with water and your elf, and secure the lid. The elves will have to take a quick trip through the dryer after, but it's worth it.

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