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These Perky, Patriotic Dog Names Celebrate All The Best Things About July

Summer is a time we traditionally associate with hot dogs, but it can be even better when we have a real dog by our side. If you happen to be considering bringing a pup into your home during our country's birth month, there are some fun names for dogs born or adopted in July that make for a natural fit.

There are some pretty compelling reasons for welcoming a dog into your life during the (ahem) dog days of July. Animal shelters become overcrowded in summer, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer and other sources. In addition to dogs surrendered by their owners, some escape their yards or slip away during family trips. With the kids out of school and vacation days accumulating, there's more time to spend bonding with and training a new dog. The good weather also lends itself to long walks, games of fetch in the park, and a cooling splash in the surf at beaches that welcome pets. Let's not forget those backyard barbecues, either — you'll always have someone there to take care of the burger that accidentally falls on the ground.

For a dog born in July, the easiest option is to think patriotic. There are enough Founding Fathers of the U.S. out there to name a whole herd of pups (not to mention notable female figures like Abigail Adams). But there are other July-appropriate monikers that would suit a pet, as well. Here's just a sample of the names you could try, depending on which ones ring a (liberty) bell with you.



A dog born or adopted in this month could take its name from the month's namesake. According to, July was named for Julius Caesar, the legendary Roman emperor who not only conquered the region of Gaul, but also changed the structure of the old Roman calendar into the 365-day model, including the leap years we still observe every four years.



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For a dog with a reddish coat (like an Irish Setter or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), a natural name choice would be the traditional gemstone of July. The National Gem Society explained that rubies are thought to attract love and success. While we can't guarantee that your July dog will help you reach the top of the company ladder, the love part is a no-brainer.



Since this month is commonly associated with our nation's birthday, any name that calls to mind America's founding principles would be a good fit. Case in point: Liberty, which was also the name of President Gerald Ford's Golden Retriever dog (as confirmed by the Presidential Pet Museum). Ford's daughter, Susan, gave the family dog her name, and the country quickly fell in love with the friendly First Pet — and with the litter of puppies she had in 1975.



No list of patriotic July names would be complete without a nod to Benjamin Franklin, the Founding Father, inventor, author, diplomat, printer, and signer of the Declaration of Independence.



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This astronomical name is a winner on two counts. First, it pays homage to Sirius, the "Dog Star" that is most visible in the sky beginning in late July. (That's where the term "dog days of summer" originated, according to National Geographic.) Then, of course, it has significance for Harry Potter fans as the name of his beloved uncle, Sirius Black, so if your dog also happens to have black fur... how can you not?



For a dog whose explosive energy rivals any fireworks display (like a Jack Russell Terrier, Miniature Pinscher, or Border Collie), a name that recalls "the rockets' red glare" would do nicely.



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For New Yorkers, the Fourth of July means two things: the Macy's Independence Day fireworks show, and the Nathan's hot-dog-eating contest at Coney Island. A tradition since 1972 (although it may have originated with a contest back in 1916, according to the Nathan's Famous website), the gorge-fest is watched by millions. A perfect name for your chowhound.



Like all months, July has its special "national days" devoted to specific foods, drinks, professions, and activities. July 11 happens to be International Mojito Day, according to National Day Calendar, so you could name your dog after the refreshing Cuban cocktail. Besides, Mo is a great nickname.



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In addition to being our national holiday, July 4 is National Caesar Salad Day, a side dish accompanying many an Independence Day barbecue. (It's named not for Julius Caesar, but for the salad's inventor, Chef Caesar Cardini.) A great name for a dog who thinks he's ruler of all he surveys.



The Spanish word for July is also a common boy's name and a good choice for a dog, particularly a breed with Latin American origins, such as a Chihuahua, Peruvian Hairless Dog, or Fila Brasileiro.



Any one of the Founding Fathers and other famous patriots would make a fine name for a dog. But for Broadway fans, this one has an edge, thanks to the Tony Award-winning musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda. If, like the title character, your dog is "young, scrappy and hungry," you'd be throwing away your shot (hee!) at a great name if you didn't choose this one.



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Your patriotic female pup could be named after the seamstress who, legend has it, sewed the first American flag. It's a natural for owners who love to tie red-white-and-blue bandanas to their dogs in the summer months.



Apart from being a friendly, easy-to-use name that's a traditional nickname for Mary, Molly also honors Molly Pitcher, a legendary heroine of the Revolutionary War. As the History Channel explained, Molly Pitcher is thought to be the pseudonym for Mary Hays McCaulay, an army camp follower who supplied water for the troops fighting alongside George Washington in Monmouth, NJ. When her husband collapsed in battle, McCauley reportedly took over his place at the cannon.



Even if your pup isn't a fan of loud noises (and experts do recommend protecting dogs from the sound of fireworks by keeping them indoors and having their crate close at hand, as explained on the Purina website), you can still honor the excitement of our most important July holiday by naming your dog after the sound of the "bombs bursting in air."