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14 Cat Names For May Kitties That Fully Embrace All The Month Has To Offer

Naming your pet is second in importance only to naming your children. And if you don't have children, the decision of what to name your pet is monumental. If you add a furry feline to your family this spring season, you might want to consider one of these May cat names that are all inspired by the month that bridges the spring and summer seasons.

The month's name itself is actually one that can double as a pet name. "May" is surely cute enough to feature on an adorable kitten collars, but the names on this list are reminiscent of the month without actually sharing the same name. Names inspired by the florals of spring and the bright sunshine that the month of May brings with it top the list of names for cool cats this month.

Bringing home a new kitty friend any month of the year is definitely fun, but with the weather brightening up outside and the kids almost out of school for the summer, they're sure to have plenty of free time to bond with your new family pet if you choose to get a new cat in May. Read on for some May-inspired cat names to help you choose just the right one for new cat.



The month of May usually brings with it a plethora of sunshine, making "Sunny" a particularly perfect name for your pet — bonus points if your cat has orange or yellow fur.



"Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens..." (You probably sang that as you read it. That's ok, I did, too.) If April showers bring May flowers, the name "Rosie" is a great choice for your new cat this month.



Despite the sunniness of the month of May, sometimes a rain shower or two manages to break through. Make "Misty" a name that your cat can tout long after the spring season ends.



According to one superstition reported by National Day Calendar, cats born in the month of May probably won't be able to catch mice. So why not name your feline after the infamous cartoon cat who could never catch that sneaky mouse named Jerry.



The astrological sign paired with the beginning of May is Taurus, which bears the bull as a symbol. Give your cat a nod to the Taurus' bull naming your cat toro, which translates to bull in Spanish.



According to the Famer's Almanac, the official May flower is the Lily of the Valley. This gorgeous flower smells especially sweet, as I'm sure you hope your cat will also.



The Kentucky Derby is traditionally held in May each year. Name your cat "Derby" if you're inspired by the fanciest horse race there is, you love huge hats, and mint juleps are your jam.



While the official birthstone of May is the emerald, that's not necessarily a super catchy name for a cat. However, the name "Jade" can be used to reference the green color of the emerald stone, as well as the color of the bright grass that springs up this time of year.



The month of May was named after the Greek goddess nurturer, Maia, which translates to "nursing mother," according to Theoi Greek Mythology. You could also think of it as a nod to Mother's Day, which falls on the second Sunday of May each year.



Memorial Day is typically observed the last Monday of May in honor of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and given their life in service to the United States military. Remember the fallen heroes in May and every month with a name like "Trooper" for your kitten.



May is National Electrical Safety Month and the month also sees its share of thunderstorms, which brings with it plenty of lighting. The name "Bolt" would be perfect for a fast, flashy cat during this month.



Celebrate the spring season and the return of sunshine and warmer temperatures with a cat name that celebrates getting out on the water and sailing the high seas in May.



To bring attention to the importance of Mental Health Awareness Month, which is celebrated in May, you can give your cat a name that harnesses the strength of those fighting the stigma of mental health issues. Who knows, your cat might even become quite the comfort pet to the members of your own family.



May is the fifth calendar month of the year. Give your cat a name that can celebrate that fact, and double as a cute way to ask for them to give you a high-five with their paw.