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These Baby Names Could Be Perfectly Princess-Worthy If Meghan Markle Has A Girl

A new little royal is going to be making his or her debut this spring, and anticipation is sky high. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, otherwise known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, haven’t announced their baby’s gender, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from trying to guess what they’re having. Those hoping for a little princess are wondering what royal baby girl names might be on the couple’s short list.

It seems many people have a feeling the baby will indeed be a little girl — British betting website Oddschecker shows that 8 out of the top 10 names being bet on heavily are female names. Given how closely the royal family generally sticks to tradition, it’s also a pretty safe bet that they’ll choose a fairly common name. If they’re anything like Will and Kate, they’ll choose a name and a middle name (or two) with both deep personal meaning and links to their storied lineage. But I personally also wouldn’t be shocked if Meghan and Harry go in a completely different direction and throw us a curveball when it comes to their little one’s name. Given that their son or daughter will be fairly low down the line of succession (in the seventh spot), they may feel a bit less obligated to stick with traditions.

Here are 14 possible name choices for baby Sussex.



It's pretty much a guarantee that Meghan and Harry will use the name Elizabeth in some capacity if their baby is a girl. Hello! noted that every girl born to the Queen's immediate family has been given Elizabeth as a middle name.



Both princes have worked hard to keep their mother's memory alive. William and Kate chose to honor the late Princess Diana by using her name as one of Prince Charlotte's two middle names (the other is Elizabeth, according to The Sun). I wouldn't be at all surprised if Meghan and Harry did the same.



If Meghan and Harry look further back in their family tree — way further back — they might name their little one after Queen Victoria. She was the longest ruling British monarch ever, until the current Queen took the top spot, according to Town & Country.



The name Alice was a heavy favorite when Will and Kate were expecting baby number two, according to People, and Good Housekeeping noted it's an odds-on favorite for Meghan and Harry as well. There have been a couple of Alices in the family tree, including Queen Elizabeth's mother-in-law, according to Cheat Sheet.



In the history of the British monarchy, Mary is the second most common name for royal little girls (just behind Victoria, in fact, according to Hello!). The sweet and simple name neams "bitter," according to Nameberry.



Meghan and Harry might choose to honor his royal aunt and name their baby Anne if it's a girl. Princess Anne is Queen Elizabeth's only daughter, according to Cosmopolitan.



Princess Anne isn't Harry's only aunt. On his mom's side, he's also got an aunt named Lady Sarah, and according to People, the two have a close relationship. Prince Charles actually dated Sarah before getting together with Diana, her younger sister by six years.



People also noted that Harry is close to his aunt Jane, as well, so she could be another potential namesake. He and Meghan gave her the honor of doing a reading at their wedding.



Alexandra has been a popular name for royal babies throughout Europe, according to RoyalHistorian.com. Redbook noted that it's also one of the Queen's two middle names, so it could be another way for Harry and Meghan to honor her.



Princess Diana's middle name was Frances, according to Brittanica, which could be another option for baby Sussex. Changing the 'e' in Frances to an 'i' could also make it a unisex or boy's name, according to Nameberry.



Princess Margaret was a bit of a controversial figure in the royal family due to her rebellious lifestyle and extra-marital affair (as fans of the The Crown will remember). But Margaret and the Queen were incredibly close, according to Vanity Fair, so if Meghan and Harry love this name, I'm sure she'd give her blessing.



If Meghan's taste is in line with other Americans, a name that tops the U.S. charts could be a likely pick. Sophia was the most popular girl's name in America last year, according to Baby Center's rankings. It's also got a family connection of sorts — Harry's aunt through marriage, the Countess of Wessex, is named Sophie according to E!.



If the royal couple is looking for a name that's beloved in both the U.S. and the U.K., Isabella is a popular choice. It makes the top 10 list in both places, according to Mother.ly.



Grace is another betting favorite at gambling site Ladbrokes. It gives the name 12 to 1 odds of being chosen. The site has a decent track record, it seems. Christian Today noted that Ladbrokes had laid 3 to 1 odds that Will and Kate's little Princess would be named Charlotte, and that turned out to be correct.