If Your Mom Loves Cats, These 14 Mother's Day Gifts Are Literally Perfect

Before becoming pregnant with our son, my husband and I curated a menagerie of fur babies. We currently have two fat cats and two dingy beagles living at what we lovingly refer to as the “funny farm." (You know, our house.) Before I got pregnant, we’d always surprise each other with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts related to our crew. Think “Best Dog Dad/Mom” mugs. So in honor of National Cat Lady Day today (yes, it’s a thing), and Mother’s Day coming up on May 13, check out 14 Mother’s Day gifts for the cat lover — because you can be both an awesome human mom and cat mom simultaneously.

Whether you currently have cats living in your house — or they’re something you've always wanted — at least one of these Mother’s Day gifts will be loved, adored and cherished by your cat-loving partner. Some practical, some whimsical, and others just plain fun, everything can be made better with cats. And even better, some of these gifts donate proceeds of your purchase toward rescue animals’ care via the Animal Rescue Site. So you can celebrate your partner’s love for cats, Mother’s Day, and doing something to help animals in need. Talk about a "win, win, win," as Michael Scott would say. And speaking of The Office, wouldn't Angela, the show's resident cat lady, love all of these gifts, too?


Fur Babies Subway Art Wood Sign

Fur Babies Subway Art Wood Sign, $32, Etsy

This was one of the first pieces of wall art that I purchased for our son's nursery. Our menagerie of animals are super important to us, and I wanted to commemorate them, too. This art perfectly illustrates the timeline of my husband's and my life together. It looks awesome in the nursery and we always get a ton of compliments on the piece.


Black Cats Watch

Black Cats Watch, $33, Etsy

How cute is this? You'll always be on time for play dates, ball games, gymnastics, and doctor's appointments because you won't be able to stop looking at this adorable watch.


Cat Scarf

Cat Scarf, $18, Etsy

I sure love a good infinity scarf — and if you add cats to it, all the better. This particular scarf is really well made and comfy according to the reviews, and it looks light enough to wear through spring. This scarf will make any outfit go from nice to purrfect. (I had to.)


ProCats Lapel Pin

ProCats Lapel Pin, $10, Etsy

Is your partner a feminist who happens to also love cats? Then this is the perfect Mother's Day gift for her as it combines her favorite things. Plus, pins are all the rage right now, so it's sure to be a hit with the mom in your life.


Cat Faces Coffee Mug

Cat Faces Coffee Mug, $10, Chewy

Who knew Chewy not only had awesome deals on pet food and supplies that you can have delivered right to your door, but cute pet lover accessories, too? Let's face it, every mom's most used item in the house is a coffee mug. Get one that will make her smile, even if she has to drink it cold three hours after she made it, like this one.


Kitty Trio Stacking Rings

Kitty Trio Stacking Rings, $25, The Animal Rescue Site

Want cute accessories and to donate to a good cause? The Animal Rescue Site stated that every purchase you make will help fund the food and care needed for rescue animals. Plus, these rings are not only super cute, but the description said if you purchase them you will be feeding 71 shelter animals. And that's amazing.


Cat Sterling Wrap Ring

Cat Sterling Wrap Ring, $30, The Animal Rescue Site

This adorable piece of jewelry is not only a fashionable way to show your love for felines, but when you purchase it for your cat-obsessed partner for Mother's Day, you'll be feeding 71 shelter animals. And that's an even better gift.


Peeping Cat Messenger Bag

Peeping Cat Messenger Bag, $40, The Animal Rescue Site

How cute is this? It's cute and pretty roomy for moms on the go. Even room for diapers and wipes! Plus, you'll feed 71 shelter animals like the other Animal Rescue items if you buy it.


Cattitude Patchwork Bag

Cattitude Patchwork Bag, $26, The Animal Rescue Site

Is your partner more of a boho chic type of person? She'll love this. Not only will this purchase help feed 71 shelter animals, too, but it will also help people in Nepal at no additional cost through The Himalayan Nepal Foundation.


Sleeping Cat Wine Markers

Sleeping Cat Wine Markers, $12, Meowingtons

It's no secret that most cat ladies love wine. Who am I kidding, most ladies love wine, especially moms. If you're throwing a get together at your home, these are not only adorable conversation pieces, but they'll help you tell everyone's wine glass apart. So that means no more stealing other people's wine, Sharon.


Cat Hanging Necklace

Cat Hanging Necklace, $19, Meowingtons

I think if you're a cat owner, you've probably seen your cats in this very same position — since as you know, they love to get into everything and everything, especially if it's off limits. If this doesn't remind you of your mischievous crew, I don't know what will. Plus it's really cute.


Black Jack Cat Earrings

Black Jack Cat Earrings, $7, Meowingtons

These are not only really clever and cute, but they're on sale. The top part will be in the front of your ear while the jeweled tail and back side will hook from the back. I can guarantee your cat-loving partner will get compliments on these.


Crowded Cats Phone Case

Crowded Cats Phone Case, $24, Meowingtons

I am totally loving this chic, but cute case for the iPhone 6 through 7 and the Samsung Galaxy 7 through 8. Based on the customer reviews, not only is it adorable, but it's durable without being bulky, too.


Clowder Cat Leggings

Clowder Cat Leggings, $26, Meowingtons

What mom doesn't like leggings? They're versatile, quick, and comfy. What more could you want in a pant? Uh, a cat print, that's what. And these ones sure do deliver. The reviews also say they fit all body types. And I do mean all.

Happy Mother's Day and National Cat Lady Day to your partner in crime. I'm sure one of these gifts would be perfect for either occasion.

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