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These 14 Old-Fashioned Nicknames For Grandpas Are Classics, Just Like Your Dad

A child's relationship to a grandfather begins long before birth, as the whole family eagerly anticipates the bonding moments to come. Once the baby arrives, it's time to decide what nickname to call the grandfather (or both grandfathers, if your child is lucky enough to have both in their life). It's almost as important a decision as the name of the baby itself. After all, this is the name that your child will use in connection with such phrases as Watch me!, Pick me up, Tell me a story, What was Mommy like as a baby?, and I love you sooo much.

There are lots of choices for grandfather names that go way beyond the standard Grandpa. Some are variations of the same theme (the syllable "pa" figures in there much of the time), while others are specific to a particular culture (such as Babu in Swahili or Dedushka in Russian). Then there are ones that are so out-there, they almost certainly have a family backstory. (Considerable lists Jeepers, Doozy, and Splash among its "playful grandfather names.")

But there's something about an old-fashioned grandparent nickname that's solid and comforting — exactly what you want in a grandfather himself. Maybe one of these names is already one you use in your family, or maybe you can put it on your list if you and your dad or father-in-law are still on the fence about titles. Whatever you choose, the love behind the name will come through.


This one is close to our family's heart, because it was the name my father-in-law preferred his grandchildren to call him. My son learned how to say "Pop" early on, and he and his Pop enjoyed a special relationship that ended far too soon.


The Spanish word for "grandfather" has been a traditional choice for generations. It can also be shortened to Tito or Lito, explained Babble.


This is a popular choice in the South, and almost exclusively used in Cajun culture, according to The Good Stuff. But Northern grandfathers can use this name, too; it has an air of character and authority at the same time.


Pronounced pa-POOSCH, this is the Greek word for "grandfather," per SheKnows, and easy for even the smallest child to say.


This sweet variation on Grampa has an appealing down-home sound. Berenstain Bears fans might choose this name for a grandfather as a nod to Papa Bear's dad, Grizzly Gramps.


This German name for "grandfather" can be used in families of any background. As LiveAbout noted, German grandfathers adore their grandchildren, but they also make sure they're raised to be hard-working and punctual.


Another variant on Grandpa, this one has a lighthearted air that would suit a grandfather who always has time for a game or a song.


This honored title strikes the right balance between formal and laid-back. It also ages well, which is something to consider; a teen or twentysomething might find it a little awkward to address their grandparent as "Pop-Pop" or "PeePaw."


This Yiddish word for "grandfather" has been used by millions of adoring grandchildren. It can be pronounced "zay-dee" or "zay-deh."


This traditional Italian name for grandfathers is fun for both toddlers and adults to say. It's also the name of a sweet children's book, Nonno's Pocket Watch.


No doubt this cute nickname was first coined by a little one who didn't know how to pronounce the "g" sound. And who would have the heart to correct them?


This is the Filipino name for grandfather, according to Good Housekeeping, but it sounds great in families of other cultures too, particularly if you also call the grandmother Lola.


Like Papa, Baba, and all the other variations, Bappa has an endearingly comforting tone that both grandparent and grandchild will love.