14 Reasons Why Take Your Kid To Work Day Is Both The Best And The Worst

The fourth Thursday in April has been designated by some companies as the day we take our sons and daughters to work. It’s not mandatory to participate, though employers must feel some pressure given that the White House is in on it. Since my husband and I work at the same company, though in different divisions, and our kids are off from school that day, we’re totally bringing them to the office this year. Yay to not having to secure childcare for that day! Boo to trying to get any work done with a third grader and a kindergartner as cubicle mates.

Being a working mom, or a careerist with kids, or however you want to frame the notion of having both a job and a child, is a choice, and a necessity, for me. It’s hard to put together a middle-class lifestyle in New York City without both parents working. I’m fortunate to be doing something I love, and what better way to share that part of me than taking my kids to work for the day?

Except, my workplace isn’t exactly kid-friendly. Though I’m employed at a TV network, which sounds cool, it’s mostly a lot of emailing and meetings and trying to remember my ID badge when traveling around the building. My kids’ favorite part about coming to my office? Getting to pick out a treat from the vending machine.

Here are some reasons why taking my son and daughter to work is both the best, and the worst:

The Best: Taking Them To The Office Means Getting Us Out Of The House

Working mom guilt shouldn't be a thing, but it can be when I'm leaving behind a whiny, clingy kid to get to the office. Taking them to work means no more tears!

The Worst: Working From Home Presents A Unique Set Of Challenges

For parents who work from home, it can be impossible to separate the church of your home office from the state of your toy-strewn living room. Taking the children to work doesn't quite have the same charm, even if you mock up the fridge as a makeshift vending machine.

The Best: You Get A Little Assistant For The Day

It’s so helpful to have someone else willing to fetch spreadsheets from the printer!

The Worst: Your Little Assistant Makes More Work For You

I know he’s five, but shouldn’t he know how to collate??

The Best: Showing Off Your Little One Is A Top-Ranking Reason To Be A Parent

No everyone can see how adorable my kid is in person because those school pictures don’t do him justice.

The Worst: Your Usually Smart, Friendly Tyke Becomes Shy And Whiny At The Office

He’s not like this usually. Only when I need him not to be.

The Best: Having Your Own Stapler Makes You Cool

All kids love office supplies.

The Worst: Your Kid Won’t Stop Stapling Things, Including Her Finger

Of course.

The Best: Lunch Date!

Having your child with you is the best excuse to skip your sad desk salad for something more fun.

The Worst: Your Kid Refuses To Eat In Midtown

Who can blame her?

The Best: The Morning Commute Is Exciting With The Anticipation Of A Fun Day At A Cool Grown-Up Place

Fellow subway riders are too sleepy to be annoyed by any small child asking how many more stops, at every stop.

The Worst: The Evening Commute Is The Worst After A Full Day At A Boring Grown-Up Place

I guess there’s a reason school gets out at three.

The Best: Your Kid Gets To Finally See What You Do All Day

I may not be the boss, but I am a boss at wading through over 100 emails a day, crossing things off the to-do list, collaborating, creating, revising.

The Worst: Your Kid Thinks Your Job Is Totally Lame

“Mom, all you do is type."