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14 Sentimental Mother's Day 2019 Cards That She'll Want To Keep Forever

There are certain times of year when it's acceptable (not to mention expected) to let your feelings show for the people in your life without fear or embarrassment. Mother's Day is definitely one of those times. When you go browsing in your neighborhood store or online, you'll find a wealth of sentimental Mother's Day cards that send the unmistakable message that Mom is a remarkable, inspirational, and very much loved member of the family.

Ironically, the woman who made Mother's Day possible in the first place eventually came to regret her accomplishment. As Mental Floss explained it, Anna Jarvis first came up with the idea as a way to honor her late mother. For several years, she fought for a national holiday until Congress finally established one in 1914. However, when retailers and florists pounced on Mother's Day as an excuse to sell trinkets and flowers, Jarvis was incensed and tried to put an end to her own idea. She was totally opposed to pre-printed Mother's Day cards, saying, "A maudlin, insincere printed card or ready-made telegram means nothing except that you’re too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone else in the world."

Jarvis would have hated the fact that Mother's Day is now the third-largest card-selling day in the U.S., per Hallmark. But since she's not here to protest, we can feel free to send cards to all the mothers in our lives: moms, grandmas, stepmoms, aunts, sisters, friends, expectant moms, and those who are like a mom to us. And we can be as effusive as we like about showing how inspiring they are and how much we love them. Take a look at these and see if any of them are right for your favorite mother. (If you can imagine her wiping away a tear, you know you've found a winner.)