14 Sentimental Mother's Day Memes To Give You All The Feels

Mother's Day is here and it's honestly one of my favorite weekends. Not only because I like to be spoiled or that I love spending time with my mom, but because it just exemplifies all of the beauty in motherhood. There's so much talk these days about the "realities" of motherhood, but to be honest, everyone's version looks so different. And each year, I'm anxious for the weekend when I can, without reservation, soak up all of the joys and love of motherhood. While it's a tough job, these sentimental Mother's Day memes get my point across — there is just so much goodness here.

In a world where internet culture has really turned motherhood into a running joke, it's nice to see some sweetness in the form of memes turn up. I mean, I'm a mom who loves a glass of wine (when I'm not incubating a child), but even I'm tired of the "mommy juice" memes. And if I see another meme about "boy moms" (Truly, how are they that different from girl moms, you guys? My daughter likes dirt and farting, too.) or one about having a total breakdown every day because of motherhood, I might lose it. Sure, those are all things that happen, but this weekend, I'm anxious to share all the "glorified" beautiful parts of motherhood and these 14 memes do just that.


It's A Cliché, But True

Literally no one thinks motherhood is easy, but this sweet little meme reminds us all that while we may complain about the trials (and trials, and trials) of motherhood, we also know how lucky we are to experience them.


She *Is* Love

OK, so a lot of this meme may be an ad, but take in the most important factor: your single mama friends need you to remind them how they are doing the hardest, best work this weekend. Scoop them up, tell them you love them, and ask them if you can help.


Motherhood Is Forever

There's no political side here — motherhood is forever and it's high time we remembered that with grieving moms missing their children, especially on Mother's Day.


It's Hard Out Here When You're Broke

For real, my mom deserves the entire world, but I'm going to have to settle on some home decor. (Hint: this is where a nicely worded card comes in major handy for you.)


Reminder To All

Why is it that we get so irritated with our moms when they need our help as we get older? Don't we remember pooping in our own pants and trying to eat peas by pushing them through the pores of our skin?


All Day, Every Day

A mom never stops mom'ing. Even if you're a grown man and an NBA star.


Because The Truth Is Funny

This one's hilarious, but it's sentimental, too. Moms are literally always there for you, especially when you're dripping wet in the shower and just realized you didn't bring your towel again. (My mom used to throw a towel in the dryer for me right before she brought it in the bathroom and it's seriously the best thing ever. Thanks, Mom.)


Simple & To The Point

This sweet little meme is cute enough to share and it gets its message across perfectly — I love my mom.


Moms Of Angels

There are so many mothers who don't get to experience motherhood in the traditional sense. Some have been without their babies for years, some only knew them by their heartbeat, and some have just recently lost a child. Keep them in your mind and your heart this weekend as they navigate their celebrations.


The First Mother's Day Without A Mother

Is it a pain to find the perfect card? Is it a pain to find flowers and a gift and make time in your busy weekend to have brunch with your mom? Sure, sometimes it can be. But if you're experiencing a Mother's Day without your mom, I know you'd do anything to get those "duties" back. Remember your friends missing their mamas this weekend.


A Mother's Love

For real, just about every time I plan to go to my mom's house, she asks what I want to eat for dinner. It's just pure love, and I hope I show that same kind of love in action to my own babies.


More Sweetness

Another sweet little meme to share this weekend, just because.


Supermoms Unite

No matter how exhausted you are, just know that your kid literally thinks you're Supermom. And to be honest, when you look at all that you can accomplish in a day, you should probably realize that you're Supermom.


Thanks For Helping Us Grow

Some of us have thorns and some of us have perfect flowers and some of us need constant watering to be the plant we're supposed to be. It's a corny metaphor I guess, but it's perfect for this weekend. Moms help us grow; it's as simple as that. Where would we be without them?