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14 Summer Inflatables Your Backyard Is Going To *Need* This Summer

Summer is officially here, which means it's time to transform your backyard into the oasis of your dreams. If you've already dusted off your patio furniture and fired up the grill, you've got a start. But to really make your backyard magical, you're going to need some summer inflatables. Whether you have a pool to splash in or just need something to help you cool off, this list includes some of the cutest, most Instagram-worthy inflatables to make your summer top notch.

My husband and I live in an idyllic neighborhood. There's a lake, a huge pool, and we also have a giant backyard of our own that's perfectly shaded. It's paradise, honestly, and we've made it our mission to turn our home into the perfect summer spot. That means we have a huge inflatable unicorn sprinkler for our 3-year-old (and me, honestly), a huge inflatable pool big enough for all of us to sit in (I'm really appreciating this as I'm more than halfway through pregnancy), and we've stocked up on adorable floats for relaxing in the lake or splashing in our neighborhood pool. Bonus: we head to the beach in a few weeks and a lot of these inflatables can be used for splashing in the ocean (just be careful you don't get swept out to sea, obviously). Or, if you really want to make your backyard magical, throw some pool floats out in the grass for the perfect seating during a dusk dinner party. (Mind the mosquitos though.)


Unicorn Sprinkler

This is the exact unicorn sprinkler we have in our own backyard and when I tell you it's magic, I mean it's magic. It inflates super easily, stays upright for hours, and gives just the perfect stream of water from its horn. Seriously, our neighbors are even borrowing it for their daughter's birthday because it's just that cool.


Giant Narwhal Float

OK, unicorns are magical enough, but a giant narwhal float? The best. This thing is huge and I can't wait to break ours out at the beach and float lazily along. Maybe it'll attract more narwhals? It's also super easy to inflate (and deflate and store!) and your whole family will have a blast on this thing.


Red Octopus Inflatable Sprinkler

Look at how cute this octopus sprinkler is! If your kids prefer running in circles to hit all the streams of water, they'll love this one where the water flows from each tentacle and the middle of the octopus. So perfect.


Big Unicorn Float

From the same makers of the narwhal float, this unicorn float is a slightly smaller version, which means my 3-year-old absolutely adores it. It has handles for her to hold onto and she even relaxes on it in our inflatable pool just so she can feel a bit more like Hollywood.


Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center With Sprayer

This inflatable play center isn't one we have, but I know people with young babies who swear by it. It's just enough water for babies and toddlers, but it also has a sweet little slide and a sprayer that makes it more than just a paddling pool.


Swan Float

Chances are you've seen this one floating (DAD JOKE) around on Instagram before, but you obviously need one, too. It's a giant (and I mean giant) swan float for you to truly relax on, and it's big enough to share with your kiddo if you choose. (You totally don't have to.) And remember when I said floats were great to throw in the yard for outdoor party seating? Consider this one a love seat.


Big Mouth Toys Ginormous T-Rex Sprinkler

This dinosaur sprinkler is from the same company that made the unicorn sprinkler, so while I can't vouch for it exactly, I can remind you that the unicorn one is great and I'm sure the T-Rex version is just as cool. Bonus points if you put on the Jurassic Park score.


Big Wave Splash Park

This "splash park" has pretty good reviews online and it honestly looks like it would be a lot of fun for the little ones. You may not be able to splash in it alongside them, but the independent play is totally worth it. Just keep an eye on them!


Rose Gold Mermaid Tail Float

Want to look even trendier on the beach? Grab this rose gold mermaid tail float. Seriously, you're going to be the envy of your entire Instagram feed with this one.


Donut Drink Floats

Whether you're in a pool, on a lake, or hanging in the shallow part of the ocean, these little donut drink holders can float along and keep your beverages safe and nearby.


Lil' Rainbow Float

How cute is this? I'm already planning on this one for our second baby as it's adorable and just the perfect size for your little one to splash in. The rainbow is super on trend, and it also gives your kid the confident feeling they'll need in the pool.


Inflatable Cornhole

We've been wanting a cornhole set for a while now, and this inflatable one seems like a good way to ease into the hobby. Instead of big bulky boards you have to store, this inflatable one can be stored easily and quickly. Bonus: pretty sure you could play a game in the pool if you wanted, too.


Family Lounge Pool

This is the exact inflatable pool we have and you guys, it's so great. It's big enough for me, my husband, and our 3-year-old to splash in, and when all the cousins are over, it gives the kids plenty of room to play in. It's also incredibly easy to inflate, deflate, and store.


Pirate Play Center

Another one of these "play centers," this pirate one has really good reviews and it looks like so much fun. From the shark sprayer to the little slide, any kid obsessed with pirates will absolutely love it.