14 Text Messages Every Woman Sends Her BFF In Her Second Trimester

Show me a “glowing” pregnant woman, and I’ll show you a woman enjoying her second trimester. OK, yes, while all pregnancies are different and every woman experiences it differently, that second chunk of months is often considered to be the sweet spot. It's when most people are over the worst of the early symptoms, but are not yet so big that they feel like something should beep warnings whenever they move or back up. It’s no wonder that this is when you’re probably also sending the happiest text messages of your entire pregnancy.

My own second trimester experience was typical in this respect: I was comfortable that the news of my pregnancy was out in the open, and enjoying how my bump was visible but not overwhelming. And there was also the fact that my nausea had calmed way down, which was the most amazing feeling in the world. Finally, there’s much to be said for the fact that, by week 14-ish and beyond, you’ve had a fair amount of time to get used to your news, so pregnancy doesn’t feel ~quite~ as insane as it once did. I mean, it's still crazy to think about it, but at least you're used to having your mind blown every time you think about it.

For these reasons and many others, it’s no surprise that your interactions with others will likely take a different tone than they did in the first trimester. And it’s your BFF who, aside from your partner, is likely going to see the widest range of texts from you. Here are 14 texts you will definitely send them at least once during your second trimester:

“EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! Is This What Glowing Feels Like?”

I fully support anyone who wants to celebrate their completion of the first trimester in any and all (doctor-approved; let's not go nuts) ways. Those early weeks can be bleak, and the arrival of the second trimester is often as thrilling (though hopefully not as dramatic) as a new season of The Bachelor.

A Completely Unneccessary Update On The Baby’s Development: “AHH We Did An Ultrasound!”

Kelly Clarkson’s "Heartbeat Song" unfortunately came out after I completed my pregnancy, but I’m just biding my time until I can send a clip of the chorus to someone I love.

"Let’s Hang Out Because I Can Finally Stay Awake Past 7 P.M. Again!"

Because we all know things really can get crazy starting at 7:15 p.m.

“No Games Involving Candy Bars And Diapers At The Baby Shower But Yes To Bunting, Please.”

Or, if perhaps your friend is trying to be smooth about secretly planning your shower, I suggest just sending a subtle “It’s really sad to see perfectly good diapers and candy bars wasted, isn’t it?” text.

"I’m WEARING MATERNITY CLOTHES And My Pants Look Like Patrick Swayze’s In 'Dirty Dancing'!"

Personally, the resemblance to Johnny Castle was my favorite thing about maternity wear.

"OMG Look Look Look Look It's Here! I Have A Definite Bump!"

Once your bump crosses the threshold from "maybe she just had one too many cheeseburgers" to "nope, she's definitely packing fetus," things get way more real.

"I Haven’t Barfed In Two Weeks!"

Praise hands emoji.

"20 Weeks! I Can’t Tell If I’m 98% Excited And 2% Scared Or 98% Scared And 2% Excited. Or Maybe Both."

This is a crucial milestone for sure, and a celebratory text with a subtle reference to Owen Wilson’s character in Armageddon is a glorious way to document it.

"For The Millionth Time, My Due Date Is _______. Literally Put It In Your iCal Right Now. Get It Together."

Your friends are trying, I promise. It’s just tough to remember because they don’t have those BabyCenter reminder emails showing up in their inbox every couple days.

"Hey Is There A Way To Make Cronut-Inspired Baked Goods At Home? Do You Have A Recipe?"

A true friend, if given the opportunity, will do everything in her power to provide you with Cronuts because it is not worth it to try to make them at home. Trust me.

"OK I Love Him But He Def Needs To Stop Asking Me What Happened To All The Donuts. Like I’m Sure If He Thought About It, He Would Figure It Out.”

Please go bore someone else with tales of your incompetence.

“I Take Back Everything Bad I’ve Ever Said. He Just Brought Home Pizza And Redbox."

All is right in the world when your partner comes home with pizza and Redbox, pregnancy or no pregnancy.

"This Registry Is Turning Into Utter Chaos And I'm Not Sure I Want To Buy Anything Anymore."

Trust me, step away from the humidifiers aisle. It only makes things worse.

And Everyone’s Favorite Text To Send And Receive: “STOP THE PRESSES. I FELT A KICK.”

ALL the praise hands emojis!