9 Reasons Why Your Second Trimester Is The Perfect Time To Get Everything Done

A lot of thoughts run through your head when you get a positive pregnancy test. Things like whether or not you can have sex while you're pregnant, or what medications you can and cannot take, or what the hell you're going to name your baby are probably all on your mind. It's a wonderful time! Or, at least, that's what they say.

Pregnancy is supposed to be a beautiful, magnificent, and awe-inspiring experience for most women, but let’s be honest: Sometimes it’s f’ing miserable. Some people hate being pregnant. From the swollen feet to the inability to tie your own shoes near the end of your third trimester, there are a handful of nuisances that make your life exponentially more difficult while pregnant. Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who have been spared the typical discomforts of baby growing during the first and third trimesters, the second trimester will almost undoubtedly gift you with super-human abilities of an X-Man.

If you’re pregnant and wish to accomplish anything during your pregnancy, you would be well-served to saddle up during your second trimester. Do anything and everything while you still can, because this is the sweet spot, guys. If my word isn't enough for you to heed my advice, I have uncovered nine reasons why you should do everything you possibly can during your second trimester.

You Have So. Much. Energy.

What nausea? You feel awesome, and ready to do all the things. It’s almost as if you’ve consumed 14 Red Bulls and 12 cups of coffee because you’ve got the energy of a caffeinated toddler.

You're Still Small Enough To Get Around Easily

During the final stretch of the third trimester your walk (OK, waddle) mimics that of a giant penguin, except not nearly as cute. The second trimester gifts you with a perfect, mid-level baby bump that you can easily show off in Target without needing an oxygen tank or a Hoveround, so get around all you can while you're still comfortably able to do so.

Food Will Never Taste More Amazing

Ah, second trimester: The glorious time when morning sickness has subsided for most women, and you can feel free to reasonably indulge your taste buds while eating is more important than ever (and you are very up to the task of feeding your, um, baby). Food will never taste as delicious as it does while you’re pregnant. Maybe you were too sick to even stomach gingersnaps during your first trimester, and your stomach will be invaded by small arms and legs during your third trimester (leaving annoyingly little room for food) so enjoy that panini or that taco or that deliciously juicy cheeseburger, girl. You deserve it!

Your Hair And Skin Are So On Point

Those hormones may have robbed you of your emotional stability (no, you're sobbing at a diaper commercial!) but they’ve compensated you with amazing hair and skin in return. Your skin is glowing and your hair has got a bounce that rivals Blake Lively, so why not get out and show them off. Fact: When every day is a good hair day, every day is a good day.

You (Might) Know Your Baby's Gender

HELLO, PINTEREST. Time to indulge yourself in the baby aisle of every store and the beautiful galleries of Pottery Barn’s catalog. Pick names, go shopping, design your nursery... Knowing your baby’s gender opens up a whole slew of options to pass the time while on bump watch.

You Haven't Swollen Too Much To Properly Function Yet

Those plump lips are fun for the first few days after their appearance in your third trimester but eventually the plumpness makes it’s way to the rest of your body, including your feet, and then it's really not such a picnic. In fact, it's really uncomfortable. Sometimes the swelling can be a little painful, and if you swell too much, you might be showing signs of preeclampsia. As long as you're healthy and your pregnancy is going as planned, your second trimester is by far the best time to get around if for no other reason than your shoes still fitting, so gather ye rosebuds or whatever.

You're Still Pretty Comfortable

Your third trimester brings the possibility of both early and false labor. Braxton Hicks contractions are jerks that will have you questioning whether your baby is about to make an appearance, and they can go on for months. The second trimester is typically when women report feeling their best. Usually at this point, women are still sleeping well and their nausea has subsided. Weight gain hasn’t peaked yet and joints have not yet begun to loosen so getting around while doing all that retailing is almost effortless (for you, anyway; can't say as much for your credit card).

You Look Cute In Everything

I'm not saying that women at all stages of pregnancy can't be totally adorbs, but second trimester is definitely the most Instagram-friendly phase of the process. (Sh*t gets way too real on either extreme end of pregnancy. Your followers are too weak to handle the realness.) Whether you’re still squeezing into your pre-pregnancy jeans or not, that new belly accessory you’re toting around looks good in absolutely everything. Be prepared for everyone to want to touch it (which it's definitely OK to say "no" to) because you look so damn awesome. And your boobs are probably working it too. You could throw on a potato sack and still look good during your second trimester.

Sex Is Likely Very Much On The Agenda

Try as we might, sex can gets, um, a little tricky once you can’t see your feet beyond your belly. During the second trimester, you’ve still got enough agility to be an agile participant, so if you're feeling into it, might as well enjoy it while you still can.Some women have the greatest sex of their lives while they're pregnant, and some want nothing to do with it. If having sex while pregnant is something that you're down for, your second trimester is the best time to do so.