Moms Swear By These 14 Toys To Keep Their Toddler's Attention & Interest

When it comes to getting your kids new toys, it's always a worry to parents that their child will grow tired of it within the first few minutes of opening the box. So why bother spending the money, right? Well, before you decide, there may be some toys that are worth your hard earned money, because keeping your kid seriously entertained is worth every penny. According to moms, there are some toys your toddler will never lose interest in, and you're going to want to fill your playroom with them. You know, so they can be happy. And so you can pee in peace.

Kids are funny because they can become obsessed with the most random things. One mom said her toddler became obsessed with their tape measure, while other moms all agreed they also had a little tape measure thief in the house. Lots of other moms mentioned non-toy items that their toddler would be entertained by, such as empty boxes and bubble wrap. It's true, if kids can get fixated on random objects, why overwhelm them (and your house) with toys? Well some toys offer developmental benefits, as well as hours and hours of independent play. So get your kid's imagination going with these all-time toddler favorites, according to moms.



The most popular toy, according to moms everywhere, is Magna-Tiles. If you're not familiar with them, they're magnetic stacking blocks that are great for toddlers because they're easy to use and they're fun.


Connect 4

Another mom said her son loved dropping the discs into the Connect 4 game and over time learned how to play for real. Perfect for when you're ready for a family game night. Connect 4 tournament, anyone?


Micro Scooter

Your little toddler could scoot around for hours on one of these. The best part about this scooter is that it grows with your child. Young toddlers all the way up until school age can use this 3-in-1 scooter, so it's well worth the investment.


Duplo Blocks

There are so many kinds of Duplo blocks, but this set is a good one for first-time builders. These bricks are bigger than LEGOs and feature cute pictures on them to create animals and vehicles.


Kitchen Set

Another great choice for your little one if they love to play make-believe. You could even spend hours playing "restaurant" with them allowing them to make you food, although I think the service in this restaurant could be questionable.


Jumbo Blocks

These giant-sized blocks are perfect for toddlers because they're durable and allow them to get creative, building large scale structures.



Some kids really love puzzles. If your child loves puzzles, try stocking up on some puzzles that pique their interest. For example — have a vehicle lover? Try this puzzle by Melissa and Doug, featuring four different vehicles.


Grimm's Wooden Toys

These are lovely and unique toys and are fully endorsed by moms. In addition to these rainbow blocks, Grimm's Wooden Toys also feature lots of dolls, cubed blocks, stacking bowls, and interesting puzzles.



Some moms said just plain old Play-Doh will keep their toddlers busy for hours. With Play-Doh, your child can get creative making pretend food, sculptures, and figurines, and this set is extra special because it sparkles.


Little People Big Helpers Home

This toy is very specific, but a few moms actually recommended it and I think it's great. It's an interactive toy house with little dolls which is fun by itself, but the best part is that kids to get practice helping out around the house — mom win.



There are so many different train sets out there, but the most toddler friendly are the wooden magnetic ones because they're so widely used. You can combine different sets and they all can ride on the same wooden tracks — or just the floor, no tracks needed.


Magnetic Drawing Board

This is the perfect road trip toy if you ask me. Kids can get creative with their artwork anywhere with no mess at all. Magnetic drawing board FTW.


Doll & Stroller

Who can resist a little toddler and her baby stroller? Your little one would love having their own baby doll to take care of and push around alongside mom or just independently around the house.