14 Valentine's Day Baby Names For Little Ones Born On Feb. 14


Usually people joke that babies are made on Valentine's Day (shout out to my fellow November babes), but where's the love for all the babies who are born on Valentine's Day? Even if your little one doesn't arrive exactly on Feb. 14, it's a pretty good bet that from here on out, their birthday will be associated with the celebration of the heart-covered holiday. And that's definitely not a bad thing! So how can you honor the special day without straight-up naming your child Cupid? Well it turns out that there's a crazy amount of Valentine's Day baby names to choose from!

If you're like most parents, you don't want to saddle your future child with a moniker guaranteed to get them heckled off the school playground. But even if you have picked the most classic, normal sounding name in the world, there are bound to be a couple kids who are still going to be name bullies, so you might as well have some fun with your kid's name. If you want to commemorate your child's V-Day birth with a festive name, you have plenty of options to choose from. From traditional to unique, here are several romantic, ethereal, and even historical Valentine'sDay baby names to give your February baby.

1. Valerie

From the French word for "fierce one," this girl's name is a pretty safe and traditional choice, but you could still call your daughter by the shortened version, "Val" as a nod to the special day.

2. Cooper

Though the English origin of "barrel maker" may not be that fascinating, you could still call your son "Coop" for short as a twist on a nickname for Cupid.

3. Ren

An option for either a boy or a girl, Ren comes from the Japenese word for "love." Plus, it's a bonus if you're a fan of Star Wars.

4. Eros

A straightforward tribute to the mythological Greek god of love, Eros is a positively romantic name for your son but still retains a sense of strength.

5. Esther

Try and follow me here: Esther is a Hebrew name derived from the Babylonian version "Ishtar," which is another name for the Sumerian goddess of love, Inanna.

6. Court

This unisex name can go two ways. Court can either be short for the female name Courtney or the more masculine sounding Courtland. But how do these relate to V-Day? To "court" someone is another way to say you want to dae them. Cute, huh?

7. Amy

From the Old French, Amée means "beloved." Double bonus, Amy could also be short for Amethyst, the birthstone of February.

8. Hart

This one may be a little obvious, but the Valentine's connection is that the name sounds like "heart." The name is English for "male deer, stag." A pretty majestic name for your son if you ask me!

9. Kamon

For either your future son or daughter, Kamon means in heart and mind in Thai. You could easily shorten this to Kam or spell it with a C instead if you want something a little more traditional.

10. Theodore

Meaning "divine gift" in Greek, Theodore is already an adorable name, but it can get even cuter if you call your son Teddy (as in Teddy Bear).

11. Rose

Perhaps a bit literal, but who doesn't love this floral and sweet girl's name? It really does mean "rose," like the flower, but the name can stand on its own, too.

12. Kyle

Meaning "handsome or beautiful" in Irish, this name is actually considered unisex. But if you wanted to feminize it for a girl, you could always go with Kylie or Kyla.

13. Ruby

Who doesn't think of the color red or sparkly jewelry when it comes to Valentine's Day. Meaning "precious stone," Ruby is a sweet name for your daughter.

14. Valentino

Both the name of an iconic designer and the Italian version of "valentine," for whom the day is named after, this is a classic choice for a boy's name.