15 4th Of July Onesies To Keep Your Little One Patriotic

With summer here and the mercury rising, you can't help but think of the next opportunity to celebrate and show off your cute kids. One of my favorite things about baby clothes these days is that you can find an inexpensive outfit to mark every occasion, and the 4th of July onesies that are out there are no exception. Actually, the sheer number of different designs available is kind of astounding.

Personally, I think onesies are the perfect summer outfit, given that you can actually skip the shorts or pants altogether when it's this warm. My son, who was born just a week before the 4th of July, lived in onesies and sleepers for the first three months of his life, which was incredibly convenient, shopping-wise. Even better is the fact that you can get your baby's onesies customized from shops on Etsy.

So, whether you're planning a BBQ, going camping with friends, or just lounging in the backyard with your family, you can celebrate the 4th of July with the most stylish baby around. Every other baby will be jealous, trust me. OK, maybe just their moms will be jealous. Either way, here are 15 4th of July baby onesies that rate high on the cuteness meter.


Home Of The Brave

This adorable buffalo onesie ($20) from Sweetpea & Boy on Etsy is the perfect Americana outfit for your 4th of July celebrations.


Free To Be Cute

Carter's always has cute onesies, and this 4th of July tank onesie ($12) actually tells you as much. Great for festivities in the warmer states.


Stars and Stripes

If you're looking for straightforward patriotism, a flag onesie ($17) like this one by USA, will do the trick.


Baby's First 4th

With seven different colors to choose from, you can match this 4th of July onesie ($13) by Threadrock to any of your baby's outfits.


Flower Child

In a throwback to the '60s, this floral American flag onesie ($4) from Old Navy, is perfect for the flower children.


American Made

This cute cotton "American Made" onesie ($4) from Old Navy might be exactly what you're looking for.


Mapping It Out

This handmade American map onesie ($11) from 1 Little Hapa Lamb on Etsy, is perfect for your little budding geography expert.



If you're a fan of owls (and who isn't?) and would like the world to know your baby's name, then check out this personalized patriotic onesie ($17) from Teeter Totz on Etsy.


Proud And Not Too Loud

There's nothing wrong with being subtle, and if that's your thing, check out Gap's proud Americana onesie ($13). Bonus points for being unisex and 100 percent cotton.


Made In The USA

If you have trouble making up your mind, you actually may want to avoid this "Made In The USA" onesie ($11-25) by Inktastic. Not because it isn't super cute, but because you have 32 colors to choose from.


Keeping It Organic

Cute and organic? Yes please. Burt's Bees has this American flag onesie and matching beanie hat ($10,)that's made from 100 percent organic cotton.


Mommy's Little Firecracker

For those parents who want to be festive without being overtly patriotic, this firecracker onesie ($15) by TeeStars will be right up your alley.


Custom Moustache

A customized patriotic moustache onesie ($15) is legitimately the cutest mustache you'll ever see. Find this heat transfer vinyl design in Sassy Girls Design Etsy shop.


American Tie

As a nice alternative to all the iron-on decal onesies, this 4th of July tie onesie ($7-11) is handmade by Etsy shop Baby Bodysuit Boutique.


Free To Sparkle

Anything with sparkles is kind of amazing, so this hand made Free To Sparkle onesie ($15) will pretty much make any baby the most adorable at the party.