15 '90s Movies You'll Love So Much More As An Adult

There's no denying that the '90s was a golden era for cinema. Sifting through the flicks of my childhood always takes me back to a time when things were easier, less complicated, and full of questionable fashion choices. Even though I've retired my neon Umbro shorts and scrunchies for good, I still return to the movies of the '90s as an adult. Not only because reliving the glory of '90s cinema is just that great, but because there are '90s movies you'll love so much more as an adult.

From the adult jokes that went completely over your head to the poignant moments that also went over your head, there are plenty of '90s movie that deserve a re-watch from you now that you're a grown adult. Even though you thought you understood every aspect of your favorite flicks as a kid and teen, you'll find that there was so many more jokes, innuendos, and messages than you initially picked up when you re-watch them. And although some movies from the '90s are better left in the past (along with those painful Jelly shoes), the following '90s movies are all worth another watch and are worthy of your adult love.


'Toy Story'

The epic debut film in what turned out to be a life-long series of animated Toy Story flicks only gets better with time. Not just because the jokes make more sense now that you're an adult, but because the entire concept of growing up is that much more poignant.



In the '90s, I didn't question the genius that was Matilda. And I still don't question. I do, however, appreciate Matilda's wit and her strength even more now as an adult than I did as a child.



Jumanji presented a wild concept of mind-bending possibilities, where the jungle came to life in suburban America. But under all of that lie themes of risk, a loss of childhood, and change. Surprisingly deep, this movie has much more than mystical realism to offer you as an adult.


'Now and Then'

Though it seemed impossible that four best friends could grow up and grow apart, Now and Then taught you that it really does happen. And then, life taught you that it really does happen. But damn if this coming of age flick isn't even better as an adult than it was as a kid.



The ultimate heartbreaker, especially now that Robin Williams has passed, Hook is the Peter Pan story you never knew you wanted, with an all-star cast. As an adult, it's even more poignant. Peter returning to Neverland will hit you right in the feels.


'Blank Check'

Because it's so fun as an adult to dream about spending a blank check the way Preston did, rather than doing all the adult things with it that you know you'd have to. Like student loans, car payments, investments. The joy of watching a child spend a million dollars on frivolous things is that much more joyful as an adult.


'10 Things I Hate About You'

A pinnacle of '90s cinema, 10 Things I Hate About You only gets better with time. The fashions, the high school plot, the underlying Shakespeare as a driving force, and the realization that you don't always have to be a bitch to be strong, which is something I'm still struggling with as a grown woman.


'The Sandlot'

Even if you're not into sports, The Sandlot has value to add to your life. From finding your tribe to facing down your fears, this flick will rejuvenate you as an adult to remember the trials and tribulations of childhood, and show you just how far you've come.


'Mrs. Doubtfire'

As an adult, you can truly understand the heartbreaking nature of the family turmoil in Mrs. Doubtfire, and even believe the wild hijinks that ensue while Robin Williams attempts to stay in contact with his kids.



Living vicariously through Cher was all you ever wanted to do in the '90s, and you're still dreaming of that computerized closet. Even though the falling for her step-brother thing is weirder now that you're an adult, you find yourself wishing even harder that someone would have come up with that closet by now.


'The Truman Show'

Almost prophetic in nature, The Truman Show predicted America's obsession with reality television before it really even took off. It also makes you think twice about all of the seemingly perfect "reality" that people create for the media. Deep.


'Fight Club'

If you couldn't understand the mild disenchantment with the world that Fight Club portrayed in the '90s, I'm sure you can understand it now.


'The Sixth Sense'

The foreshadowing is literally everywhere in this movie, and you never quite saw it until you became an adult and realized how tricky M. Night Shyamalan really is.


'Empire Records'

It didn't seem likely that a bunch of misfits would all work together in one place, but once you got a real job, you realized that Empire Records really hit the nail on the head as far as dealing with co-workers. And anyone who wound up working at a non-profit will understand the frantic panic of saving the empire.


'Thelma and Louise'

Though you didn't quite understand the epic feminism that was happening while watching Thelma and Louise as a kid, you did understand that there was major badassery abound. As an adult, the story hits home even harder, with feminism, rape culture, and freedom all at the heart of this film.