15 Baby Names From the 1990s That Are All That and a Bag of Chips

There are few things that inspire nostalgia more than a glimpse back into the ‘90s, am I right? And although the days of butterfly clips and Bonne Bell lip smackers are behind us, this hella cool decade is coming back in a big way (But did it ever really leave us?) Between Netflix creating a Full House reboot and grocery stores putting SURGE back on the shelves, now is the time to add a dose of 1990s into your life. And for moms-to-be, that means researching '90s-inspire baby names (while simultaneously using a Skip-It, if possible.)

Sure it’s been 25 years since this glorious decade, but but that’s no reason to leave it in the past. If you plan on indulging in your favorite ‘90s sitcom and soda, why not name your child like they’re the new class at Bayside High? Whether you’re pulling inspiration from pop culture of the Social Security Administration’s list of most popular names of the 1990s, there are plenty of names that pay tribute to one of the most amazing decades. Swipe on the glitter makeup, stock up on some plaid onesies, and — whoomp there it is — you’ll be ready to try one of these 15 baby names inspired by the ‘90s.



The ultimate ‘90s girl, Clarissa Darling can inspire more than your future daughter’s name. In addition to an amazing fashion sense, Clarissa was into computer programming, and rock music. How’s that for some ‘90s girl power?



Ryan may mean “little king”, but it represents male and female royalty from the ‘90s. Name your girl after the queen of romantic comedies, Meg Ryan, or the king of dark, brooding drama, Ryan Phillipe. It’s a win-win.



Short for Alexander, which is number 23 on the SSA’s baby name list, Xander is the guy everyone loves. Just ask the characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.



A perfect name for either a boy or a girl, River is a solid, earthy name brought to you by one of my favorites, River Phoenix. Dark and mysterious, River was immensely talented and passionate. Those seem like pretty great qualities in a name if you ask me.



You probably knew at least one Britney/ Brittany / Brittney growing up. And no matter how it’s spelt, it’s a sweet, not-so-innocent name that’s perfect for a girl with some spunk.



Thanks to the adorable Luke Perry, this name was ranked number 87 on the SSA’s list. The name also means ‘light’, which is exactly what your sweet boy will bring to your life. (And a whole bunch of girlfriends probably.)



A Hebrew name, Rachel means ‘ewe’ or ‘not on a break from Ross.’ Totally your choice. But do your child a favor and avoid giving her the Rachel. Even Jennifer Aniston hater her infamous haircut.



Another great gender-neutral name, Casey ranked for the boys and 122 for the girls on the SSA’s list. Just remind your Casey not to answer questions about scary movies on the phone.



If you aren’t still obsessing over Hocus Pocus, you’re not a true ‘90s kid. Max Dennison is fiercely protective of his little sister, battles ancient witches who have a vendetta, and is still a virgin in high school. Basically all of the qualities you want in a son.



Did you read this name and immediately start singing “I Don’t Want to Wait ?” Of course you did. A creative optimist who believes everything can be fixed with a Steven Spielberg movie, the namesake of Dawson’s Creek is a great role model for boys and girls alike.



The SSA listed Jordan twice on it’s infamous list — as number 28 for boys and 53 for girls. Any child would be lucky to be named after the greatest basketball player in the world. But don’t pressure your little one to follow suit.



Short for Zachary and number 16 on the SSA list, you know exactly why this name became so popular. Every girl had a crush on Zack Morris and every parent thought that his school spirit and athletic abilities were to be admired (his academics, not so much.)



Whoa! You know this name had to be on the list, right? If you want a little girl who can face adversity and come out on the other side as strong and bright as ever, then you should think about naming her Blossom. Not only is the name darling and feminine, I’m pretty sure it means “can rock an awesome hat.”



Your heart will go on and on with this name. Eager to explore and have adventures, Titanic’s female lead is also headstrong and determined. If you can ignore the selfish qualities (there was plenty of room for Jack on her float), then this a great name for your free-thinking daughter.



If you didn’t have a Tiger Beat pull-out poster of Jonathan Taylor Thomas on your wall, then we just can’t be friends. But this name isn’t just for the cute boy in your life, it’s perfect for a girl, too. In fact, the SSA’s list featured it at number nine for girls and number 65 for boys. Cool beans!

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