15 Baby Names Inspired By Beloved Film Characters Throughout The Years

Choosing a name for your baby based on your favorite film or television characters can be a tricky business. If it’s a character you love to hate, then you might think twice before naming your child after a villain, no matter how much you love the idea of baby names inspired by film characters. Fava bean and Chianti jokes aside, do you really want your little Hannibal to follow in the trail blazed by Dr. Lecter? And while Superbad may be one of your super-favorite-movies-of-time, any court in the land will overthrow your decision to go with McLovin for your new addition. Not that you would do that. Just sayin’.

Once you consider the character traits behind your favorite characters, you’ll also want to think about their fate, their path in life. What does it mean to you if your fave Disney princess is a feminist – or had to be rescued by a prince in order to live her dreams? Do you want to name your son after an irascible Pirate Lord? (Sure, why not?) And finally, make sure to check out the actual meaning behind your favorite character’s name. Some perfectly nice names have not-so-nice meanings. You may not care, but it’s good to know. Armed with these warnings, go forth and consider one (or more) of these 15 film-centric baby names!


The meaning of Bella is beautiful, but to many, the name only brings to mind Bella Swan, the heroine of the Twilight series. Is it any wonder the name Isabella topped the baby name lists (along with Jacob) in 2010?


If you’re thinking that the Twilight-inspired male counterpart to “Bella” can only be Jacob or Edward, think again. In 2010, the fastest-growing name was actually Cullen. (FYI, it’s an Irish name that means holly tree.)


Everyone’s favorite pirate of the Caribbean actually yields two names: the more traditional-sounding Jack, which means God is Gracious and the unique gender-neutral moniker Sparrow.


It’s only natural to be inspired by one the most beautiful stars of the silver screen, ever: Audrey Hepburn. While you might be tempted to go for Holly the main character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, keep in mind this character is a bit of a flake and also possibly an escort. But Sabrina, from the 1954 classic Sabrina, is a much better choice, as the gorgeous duckling who becomes an even more gorgeous duckling and gets the guy.

Any Disney Princess

If you had to pick your favorite Disney-inspired name, it would be very difficult to settle on one. Just keep all the important details in mind when picking what qualities you want your child to embrace.


Who says princesses are the only animated inspiration? Buzz means village in the woods, and has some impressive history behind it, what with the name of the second man on the moon being real-life astronaut Buzz Aldrin.


So you’re a big fan of Katniss Everdeen, and you’re having a baby girl. Would you? Could you? Yes, you can – and moreover, others have already gone there. Thanks to the popularity of asskicking heroines, Katniss of The Hunger Games became one of the pmost popular names of 2014.


No matter how much you love your Katniss and Peeta, that boy’s name just isn’t doing it for you. If you’re looking for a Hunger Games-inspired boy baby name, apparently there are others like you who have shunned the moniker Peeta – but embraced Cato.


For a kick-*ss heroine to inspire your little girl, go no further than Gone With the Wind’s Scarlett O’Hara, whose wit, willfulness, and charisma make her a celebrated and complicated heroine.


Beside being the name of beloved boy wizard, Harry is also a classic, no-nonsense boy’s name that means estate ruler. Nothing not to love!

11. Hermione

Hermione is just as awesome a name as Harry. The name means messenger and earthly, but let’s face it: Hermione Granger is a brave, brainy, and beautiful role model.


The name Damien is a double-edged sword. For movie nerds everywhere, it will always be the name of the spawn of Satan as portrayed in the 1976 horror movie The Omen. You know, the little kid with the unusual “666” bummer-of-a-birthmark on his head. Of course, if you’re going for something goth, it may just be the name you’re looking for. But if you loved the loyal, funny, pink-shirt-loaning Damien of Mean Girls, that takes on a whole different vibe altogether. And hey, it’s better than Glen Coco.


After The Matrix made it’s debut, Trinity jumped in popularity and has stayed that way since 2000. The name means triad, which is especially cute if, in your family, baby makes three.


This might be a good pick for your little guy if want your child to embrace Forrest’s better qualities, like his love and commitment to Jenny and his work ethic (where would Bubba Gump Shrimp be without him?)


Madison has been a popular girl’s name for years What made it skyrocket to name fame? That’s easy: it was the name the beautiful mermaid in 1984’s Splash chose for herself while strolling by Madison Avenue.

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