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15 Back-To-School Supplies On Amazon That'll Make Your Life So Much Easier

Wasn't it just yesterday that our kids dragged home their bulging backpacks on the last day of school, shrieking with joy that summer vacation was finally here? Now store shelves are bulging with notebooks, backpacks, and pens, and offering back-to-school deals that are so tempting, you're probably making plans to go shopping in the next day or two. And the fun doesn't stop at your local office supply store. The best deals are probably online, and that's why you need to check out Amazon for back-to-school supplies, because you can stock up without braving the summer heat.

Speaking for myself, as much as I hate to see the beach-and-barbecue days slip away, I have to confess that I still get a kick out of picking out school supplies (maybe more than my kids do!). There's a sense of anticipation and hope that comes with stocking up on writing implements, binders, and pocket folders. I still remember the thrill of going into class on the first day, wondering what interesting essays I'd be writing on all that blank looseleaf and whether I'd ever figure out how to use a protractor, and comparing the cartoon characters on my lunchbox to those of my classmates. I suspect most kids today feel the same way.

Best of all, if you don't feel brave enough to face the crowds at the department stores and office-supply places if you shop online. Just fill up a digital shopping cart with items like these, and your kids will strut back to school with the confidence that comes with knowing they're totally prepped.