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15 Sweet Cat Names For Your Cancer Sign Kitty

Cats bring joy to our lives any time of year, but bringing one home during the long summer months is a special treat. Not only does it mean helping out the animal shelters that are overburdened during warm-weather season, but it also means you'll have a cat born or adopted under the Cancer zodiac sign. When you bring your new kitty home, think about giving it a name that goes along with its sign.

The sun enters the sign of Cancer on July 23 and hangs around until August 22, so pets as well as people born in this period tend to have similar personality (or purr-sonality, if you will) traits. Cancerians are home-loving, happiest being around their families, per, and enjoy entertaining (especially when it means preparing and serving good food). Like their human counterparts, Cancer-born cats are sensitive and wear their emotions on their sleeve — er, fur. Because they demand a lot of love and attention (per the Dr. Standley website), it's wise not to leave your pet home alone for too long.

These Cancer-inspired cat names should help you make that all-important "what should we call it" decision once your get your fur baby home. Whatever you choose, be sure to give it plenty of love (and water — because kitties need plenty of summer hydration).



All zodiac signs are governed by a specific planet or celestial body, and for Cancer, that's the Moon, affirmed AstroStyle. Luna, which means "moon," just happens to be one of the most popular names for cats, according to KittyCatter, not to mention a memorable Harry Potter series character.



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Anyone who thinks cats are aloof and unfriendly has obviously never met a Cancer cat. As CatTime explained, Cancer-born cats are among the most affectionate pets you'll ever have the pleasure of knowing. Expect your kit to demand a lot of lap time and to curl up next to you at night.



Human or animal, the Crab loves children and makes a fantastic parent. Astrostyle claims a Cancer pet will even protect your own kids. If your cat enjoys giving your children an affectionate hand-washing or supervising their bedtime routine, this would be a fine name.



Can we hit home the point any more clearly that a Cancer cat is all about affection?



Naming your cat for one of the most famous romantic heroes in all literature is another way to pay tribute to their astrological sign. When your guests are greeted by your Romeo's rubbing against their ankles, they'll agree.



If you have a pair of Cancerian boy-girl kittens, then this is a no-brainer match for your Romeo. Juliet comes from the French for "youthful," according to Nameberry, which makes it a fine choice either for a kitten or for a cat who refuses to grow up.


Bustopher Jones

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Got a Crab-born tuxedo cat? Name it after the T.S. Eliot poem "Bustopher Jones: The Cat About Town," which appears in the musical Cats. Bustopher, a black cat with "white spats," spends his days going from club to club in search of a meal (or two or three). He must have been a Cancer; both people and pets in this sign love their food.



Another personality trait common in Cancers is their highly emotional nature. They're ruled by the heart rather than the head, and their feelings are easily hurt. Your Crab kitty won't take kindly to being ignored, and if you yell at it for peeing outside the litter box, expect to see a lot of sulking. Try giving your cat a name that fits this side of its nature.



For a cat as sweet as honey, you could go with this literary name from the famous novel Don Quixote. From the Spanish for "sweetness," it's the name the delusional would-be knight gives to a common woman whom he believes to be utterly perfect.



This Irish boy's name meaning "sweetheart" or "lover" would suit a male Cancer-born cat who loves to give you affectionate head-bumps. The fact that it sounds like "Lennon," as in John, is a plus.



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Another "sweet" name for the list is this Hebrew name meaning "honeycomb" or "honeysuckle." It's pronounced JAY-rah, which is easy to say and for your cat to respond to when you open his food can.



This Japanese name means "little loved one," per MomJunction, making it perfect if your Cancer cat also happens to be a Japanese Bobtail breed.



If your Crab kitty is especially angsty, then go with a name that lets everyone know what he's all about.



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If your Cancer cat is a Persian, then this Persian name meaning "esteemed and beloved" matches both its heritage and its temperament.


Serena noted that Cancer-born cats prefer a quiet environment, and may sometimes find a peaceful space to chill for a while before coming back for a cuddle session. If that sounds like your cat, then this name reflecting serenity is both pretty and appropriate.