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15 Children’s Books About Elections & Voting To Read With Your Kids

Especially given the current state of affairs, your kids likely have more than a few questions about the voting process and the impending presidential election. This is the time where having some children's books about elections and voting at home can come in handy. From what a political party is to who is allowed to vote, answering these inquiries from kids can often spawn even more complex conversations about the whys and hows of elections, and these books can help answer all of their big questions.

It is literally never too early to instill the sense of duty and patriotism that comes with the right to vote within your kids. Even the littlest learners can absolutely comprehend the fact that as an American, voting is the most important way to affect change. Having a beloved book character like Amelia Bedelia or The Cat in the Hat explain complicated topics like voters' rights and the Electoral College can help keep them engaged and increase the chances that they'll actually come away with some sort of an understanding.

Even if they don't totally get every detail of it all right now (Honestly, who really even does when you're talking about politics?), teaching young kids about the history of voting and how the whole process works can help inspire them for years to come.

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'One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote' by Bonnie Worth

Your kids can learn all about how and why voting matters from the one and only Cat in the Hat in One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote. Focused on how the president is elected, the book also includes 16 pages worth of kid-friendly voting activities to do at home or school.


'Bold & Brave: Ten Heroes Who Won Women The Right To Vote' by Kirstin Gillibrand

Inspired by her mother and grandmother, Senator Kirstin Gillibrand's children's book Bold & Brave: Ten Heroes Who Won Women The Right To Vote chronicles the stories of 10 suffragettes to teach kids all about the strength and courage of the women who paved the way for all women to be allowed the privilege to vote today.


'Lillian's Right To Vote' by Jonah Winter

In Lillian's Right To Vote, on her way to vote, a 100-year-old African American woman named Lillian tells the story of her family's history with voting as they fought and struggled through the civil rights era. This read not only reinforces what a privilege it is to be able to vote, but serves as an introduction for kids to the civil rights movement.


'Amelia Bedelia's First Vote' by Herman Parish

With the same candor and humor your kids know and love from the courageous heroine, Amelia Bedelia's First Vote explains the voting process through the lens of Amelia being principal for the day at her school. Watching her organize the voting process, kids can learn all about how to cast a ballot of their own.


'What's The Big Deal About Elections' by Ruby Shamir

Looking for a children's book that goes a bit more in depth about the why behind our country's elections? Look no further than What's The Big Deal About Elections by Ruby Shamir. Accompanied by gorgeous illustrations from Matt Fulkner, this book tackles stats and facts about our elections from a historical perspective in a way that keeps kids engaged.


'What Is A Presidential Election?' By Douglas Yacka

Part of the New York Times bestselling "Who Was?" series, What Is A Presidential Election? answers all of your kid's big questions about how our president is elected. From who can run for president to what an Electoral College actually is, kids can learn everything they need to know to get prepared for election season.


'If I Ran For President' By Catherine Stier

What little kid doesn't dream of running for president at some point? If I Ran For President gives kids an inside look at how presidential candidates select a running mate, create a platform, give speeches, have debates, and allows them to comprehend what they're watching the current candidates do this election season.


'See How They Run' By Susan E. Goodman

For some kids, it can be helpful to understand not only why voting is important, but also just how it is that a presidential candidate gets on the ballot in the first place. From primary races to delegates and conventions, See How They Run covers the process of a presidential campaign and election from start to finish.


'Grace For President' by Kelly DiPucchino

One easy and entertaining way to introduce your kids to the importance of presidential elections is with fun characters like Grace, who sets her sights on being the first female president of the United States. In Grace For President, your kids can be inspired by Grace's first foray into politics as she runs for class president.


'Monster Needs Your Vote' by Paul Czajak

This fun read is perfect for introducing younger kids to the importance of voting. In Monster Needs Your Vote, a friendly monster campaigns to become president and learns all about the voting process as he experiences it, exploring issues that are important to him and learning how the people elected to office can impact change.


'Duck For President' by Doreen Cronin

If your kids already love the Click Clack book series, Duck For President is exactly what you need to help teach them about the importance of voting. When Duck runs for president, he thinks it might be easy, but he quickly learns that becoming president is hard work that requires winning votes and the trust of his voters.


'The Night Before Election Day' by Natasha Wing

Waiting for the results of a presidential election to be announced can be nerve-wracking for adults, but as a child, the excitement of learning who the next president will be outweighs any concerns. The Night Before Election Day perfectly captures the mix of emotions and the thrill of this big, historical moment.


'V Is For Voting' by Kate Farrell

To help convince your child that every vote counts, this ABC-style children's book reinforces every element from A to Z of just how powerful one vote can be. V is for Voting addresses the importance of activism, social justice, and civil rights through the lens of elections to help emphasize how crucial voting is.


'Vote For Our Future' By Margaret McNamara

Vote for Our Future takes a look at how one elementary school transforms into a polling place. Your kids may be too young to vote, but they're not too young to help convince their friends and family who are old enough to vote that their actions can help secure an even better future for the kids they love.


'Equality's Call' By Deborah Diesen

Learning about the history of voting rights in America is one way for kids to really grasp just what a privilege it is that one day they'll be able to cast a ballot of their own. Equality's Call is a powerful look at how brave activists through history helped both women and people of color secure the right to vote.