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15 Children's Books That Actually Teach Parents Valuable Life Lessons

There are a million reasons why experts have always said that reading to your kid every day is one of the best things you can do as a parent. Regular story time helps to promote early literacy skills, gives you the chance to spend a little one-one-one time (sans screens), and — depending on the content of the story — can teach your kid some valuable lessons. But kids aren't the only ones who can get something out of stories involving monsters and talking animals. There are plenty of children's books that actually teach parents valuable life lessons, too.

Whether it's a book that helped to shape your own childhood or one that's all new to both you and your little one, there are so many classic kids' titles with messages that speak to readers of all ages. And the truth is, grown-ups don't stop loving children's books just because they're not children anymore. Whether you're the type who seeks out the most visually stunning kids' titles to serve as coffee table books or you crack up at adult versions of picture books (like Goodnight iPad), chances are children's literature has never really stopped being part of your life. And why should it? The same books that made you think as a kid are sure to inspire further contemplation now. Think of reading these as a refresher course in How Life Works, 101.


'Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day'


'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory'