15 Clever Kid Halloween Costumes Inspired By 2017

Want to up your game for Halloween costumes this year? If you've got some time and creative thinking, you're in luck. Trends this year have been a little ... well, out there. 2017 has been quite the rollercoaster and because of that, the trends are perfect fodder for clever kid Halloween costumes.

You'll really be able to get creative, whether you're looking for obvious easy DIY options or some more out there ideas — there really is something for everyone. From virtual reality spin offs to fidget spinners, from unicorn frappuccinos to sushirritos, it's all about thinking of ways to execute the idea that will make it obvious to other trick-or-treaters what your kid is going as. Use this as inspiration to make your own costume based off of your favorite trend from this year, or use some helpful DIY tips to transform your VR headset into a kid-friendly costume that everyone will envy.

You can even use these ideas as inspiration for your own getup. Whatever you decide, it's always fun to think outside the typical cat costume and Superman. They're great defaults, but these ones go the extra mile and have an extra bit of commitment that will make them that much more worthwhile. Here are 15 clever Halloween costumes inspired by 2017 for your little ones.


Fidget Spinner

Why these things exist (or the point of them) is still beyond me, but they make a pretty good costume. You can get a fidget spinner costume ($25, Target) so you don't even have to try and make it.


VR Master

VR really had a moment this year, and it's a clever costume if you have a headset and some DIY spirit. Make your kid into a virtual reality by dressing them in something else (think Superman or The Matrix), and all you really need is a VR headset or something that looks like one. They'll be the stars in an alternate reality this Halloween.


The Hi-5 Emoji

Whether you liked it or not The Emoji Movie happened, and Hi-5 is one of those costumes that is a handful if you want to make it yourself. So just pick up a pre-made Hi-5 costume ($30, Party City).


Ferdinand The Bull

The movie doesn't come out until December, but it's a pretty great costume for kids. You can get a bull costume ($35, Amazon) and play with makeup to get the Ferdinand look. It's bullish, but as gentle as Ferdinand.


Paddington Bear

I honestly can't wait for the sequel of this movie to come out. Paddington bear is adorable, and it's an easy enough costume to pull off. You'll need a red bucket hat ($10, Amazon), a blue peacoat or duffle coat ($95, Boden), a vintage brown leather suitcase ($40, Etsy), a brown paper lunch bag, some eyeliner for the nose ($1, Ulta), and brown mittens for paws ($26, Alexandalexa). Cut out a rectangle from the lunch bag and use permanent marker to write out PB (for Paddington Bear). Use invisible tape or Scotch tape to adhere it to the suitcase. With the eyeliner, draw a triangle on your child's nose, and there you have it: Paddington Bear. The best part about it is that you'll be able to reuse the coat and mittens for the winter.


A Rube Goldberg Machine

DIY has been on trend for a while, but this year it seemed to make simple things complicated (case and point: Food Network's peanut butter hack that turned into a fail). Inspired by doing things yourself, make your child into a Rube Goldberg machine by arranging toys on a onesie to look like a maze and use fabric glue to make them stick.


3D Printer

You can 3D print your own costume now! You'll need a cardboard box, suspender straps, paint, and square colored stickers. With a black permanent marker, outline the four sides of the box to look like an at-home 3D printer. Use the square stickers as buttons for the top, and use the suspenders so the box stays on your child's shoulders.


The New Ms. Frizzle

Ms. Fiona Felicity Frizzle, to be more precise. Netflix relaunched the popular children's show most 90s babies grew up on. You'll need a wavy red head wig ($25, Party City), a purple flower pendant necklace ($14, Etsy), a purple three-quarter sleeve blouse ($14, Old Navy), a solid colored maxi skirt ($20, Target), colorful felt, a pair of red flats ($15, Gap), a toy bus ($14, Amazon), and stickers of all shapes and sizes — think stars, magnets, planets ($2.75, Redbubble). Curl the wig for a wavy pattern. Cut out shapes from the felt and attach them into the pattern you want on the maxi skirt, put the stickers on the bus, and pull the look together with the pendant.


Eleven From 'Stranger Things'

Season two is just around the corner, and dressing your child up like Eleven means they can eat Eggo Waffles all day (or night). Get the dress ($40, Etsy), and look for an oversized navy bomber jacket ($19, Amazon). You can find the tube socks easily online ($10, Ebay), and pair them with some white velcro sneakers or lace up Converse high-tops ($15, Payless).


A Super Food

Oh superfoods, the trend that keeps on coming. From acai berries to turmeric, pick one that works for you and spend some time at the sewing machine making some healthy options. Here is some inspiration for you to look at, from pea pods to pumpkins. If you want an accompanying costume, you can go as Kaptain Kale (KK for short) and Quinoa woman.


Glow Stick Figure

This is simply the cutest thing. You can get it pretty cheaply too ($22, Wholesale Halloween Costumes). It's a great costume for dark trick-or-treat nights, and there's no flashlight required.



This was a major food trend that swept San Francisco and New York. Try this tutorial to make it your own.


Women of 'GLOW'

Glow, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, exploded on Netflix this year, and it was actually a real television show in the 1980s. The best part about this costume is that it's just all 80s athletic wear. You'll basically need leg warmers ($6, Discount Dance Supply), sneakers, classic tube socks ($7, Walmart) , a high cut leotard ($26, Walmart), and scrunchies to style the hair ($12, Urban Outfitters). Play with it to create something colorful and cute. Want even more perks? Twin with your little one by making an adult version of the costume for yourself.


Babies As Grandmas

Aren't these biddies adorable? They're not so much inspired by a trend, but more a need for cuteness in your life. Use the tutorial from Brett Bara to do it yourself. You'll need a printed dress and cardigan ($44, Amazon), those Mardi Gras party beads ($6, Party City), cotton balls, a children's sized beanie hat ($8, The Land of Nod), a hot glue gun ($10, Michael's), and fake baby glasses ($5, EyeBuy Direct) or sunglasses with the lenses popped out.


Charlie Chaplin

Here, it's all about going back to the classic to make it trendy. Comedy and comedians are having a moment, so why not celebrate that with an OG? Charlie Chaplin is easy and clever enough to replicate. Use this tutorial from Babble for ideas. Basically, you'll need a top hat, fake mustache, a jacket, vest, shirt, pinstripe pants, black shoes, and a bowtie.

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