These Easy Hair Tutorials Won't Make You Or Your Toddler Cry

Every day the struggle is real to keep the hair out of my toddler's eyes. When I try to slip in a barrette, she's dodging and weaving like a ninja. And when I try to tie up her hair into a Pebbles-inspired top pony — cue the crocodile tears. Fortunately there are some genius hair gurus out there who know their way around a code red toddler hair situation. That's why I've rounded up 15 easy, tear-free hair tutorials for toddlers that you'll definitely want to try. These hair styles are super cute and serious lifesavers for busy parents.

I barely have time to dry my own hair in the morning, let alone create intricate hairdos for my two daughters. So, when I turned to the internet for advice, I was just looking for some basic kids' styles that I could get done before loading my little ladies up for school in the morning. Most of the tutorials below are beyond easy to execute, but I threw in a few more elaborate styles just in case you're feeling like a real superstar.

One thing is for sure, any of these toddler hair styles will definitely make all of the other kids (and moms) on the playground envious of your hair skills!


Three Styles In One

Any hair tutorial that starts with hair detangler is my kind of video. I'm always on the hunt for ways to get a brush through my daughter's unruly mane, and this toddler hair tutorial from Still GlamorUs on YouTube has great tips for that. Plus, it includes three easy hairstyles that you can do in a matter of minutes.


Dutch Braid For Short Toddler Hair

Tessi Wood is a mom of two and has more than 40,000 followers on her Q's Hairdos YouTube channel. She's a total hair whiz so she makes this dutch braid for short toddler hair look easy. I love that this adorable style would keep all the fuzzy forehead hair out of my daughter's eyes.


Four Fun Hairstyles For Little Girls

This easy-to-follow tutorial from The Scotties on YouTube has more than 700,000 views! It features four toddler hair styles and they're so simple, you could practically do them with your eyes closed.


Five Quick & Easy Toddler Hair Styles

This awesome 5-styles-in-1 hair tutorial from Jess Marks on Motherhood on YouTube is perfect if your toddler is rocking a little bit of a mullet. My favorite style from this video is the fourth one in the series, that starts at the 5 minute mark. It's great for getting those wispy baby hairs out of the face, and looks like a style that would stay in for awhile.


The Elsa Braid

This little girl's Elsa braid tutorial from Paige Christensen has 427,536 views on YouTube, so you know that it's got some good tips. It's the perfect hair style for those Frozen-obsessed kiddos out there!


Six Really Easy Toddler Hair Styles

This super helpful toddler hair tutorial from HairStylistHeather on YouTube is all about easy styles that you can do even if your toddler is squirming everywhere. I especially love the three spiky pig tails that get pulled back into one big ponytail (which starts at the 3-minute mark). It looks like you worked all morning on it, but really would only take a few minutes.


Mohawk Braided Ponytail

This clever, creative hair tutorial from Tessa Wood of Q's Hairdos has racked up more than 60,000 views. I love that the top mohawk part makes it a little bit punk.


Toddler Curly Hair Tutorial

Curly hair is oh-so-cute, but it can also be pretty unruly. This toddler curly hair tutorial from Raven Elyse walks you through all of the styling steps, from what bath time products to use to how to get the cute double buns at the end. And, OMG, her hair model is so adorable!


Toddler Bow Hairstyle

If your toddler has long enough hair to pull it back into a ponytail, you need to try this toddler bow hairstyle from Hannah's Southern Creations on YouTube. It's super simple but looks super complicated.


Easy Pinterest Inspired Pigtails

This Pinterest-inspired hair tutorial from MIXED on YouTube looks super complicated but is actually really easy. There's no braiding or other advanced techniques so it's definitely worth a try.


Toddler Hair Tutorial

So, this is definitely one of the more time-consuming styles, but I had to include it because the end result is so phenomenal. Plus, the helpful tips from JesssFam on YouTube make it pretty manageable to execute.


Three 5-Minute Rope Braid Styles

These rope braid styles from Q's Hairdos are perfect for your little school girl. The colorful bows really make the styles pop.


Baby Twists - Bantu Knots

These bantu knots/baby twists from Babes in Hairland on YouTube are too freaking cute! But what's even cuter is the "after" hair that happens when you take the knots out! So much volume!


Toddler Hairstyles to Keep Hair Out of Her Face

These "under-a-minute" toddler hairstyles from Shania's Story on YouTube are perfect for those little nuggets who always blowing the hair out of their eyes.


French Braid for Toddler Hair

In case you didn't master the style when you were younger, this simple french braid tutorial from Easy Toddler Hairstyles on YouTube will show you how it's done once and for all!