15 Experiences Every Serious Couple Needs To Have On Their Bucket List

Every couple has their own version of milestones or experiences together that solidifies their seriousness in the relationship. For me, it's traveling and cooking together. If my SO don't sync well in the heat of the kitchen, it's not going to end happily ever after. There are experiences every serious couple needs to have together as a litmus test (or many) to see if it will last in the long run.

It can be as obvious as spending the holiday with each others' families and traveling, or as specific as taking a dance class or going to karaoke. This is a range of experiences that every couple should do together to see if their relationship can withstand every type of fun or difficult situation. And while every situation doesn't need to play out perfectly, it's good to be aware, sooner than later, of where your limits are with each other and in different scenarios.

Whether you're a couple months in to your serious relationship or you've been together for decades, here are 15 experiences every serious couple needs to have on their bucket list. Add this to your own existing list, or let it spark some inspiration to create your own list to check off with your partner. The most important thing is that these experiences bring you and your SO closer to one another.


Sing Karaoke

Pick a song you two can do together, and belt it out. It's a true test of how comfortable you are around each other.


Travel Together

This is one of the most telling experiences. I've seen relationships crumble because the partner and their SO just didn't sync up well when traveling. One was a morning person and wanted to wake up early and see all the sites. The other was much happier waking up at noon and enjoying a series of lazy days. The two got into a huge argument about priorities, and it just didn't end well for them.

On the other hand, if it goes well, it will be an experience that you two can look back on frequently. It can make you feel closer.


Spend The Holidays With Each Others' Families

There are many holidays throughout the year worth celebrating in a big way, and the longer you date, you will eventually find yourself at your partner's parents for one of these festivities.


Throw A Dinner Party

Whether you guys decide to throw a Friendsgiving party or a non-holiday themed get together, planning and executing a proper dinner party that includes a mix of friends from both sides is a great way for you to see how you guys host together and to bring your social circles together, grown up style.


Let Your Bad Habits Fly

You're not afraid to bite your nails or burp in front of your SO. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It means you're comfortable in your skin to be completely yourself.


Write a Love Letter

Writing a love letter can seem dauntingly impossible. You might not have the right words, or you might have so many that it feels like a gushing waterfall. Either way, this is a great exercise to express how you feel about your SO. It's something they can keep and read years from now.


Be Domestic AF

You've gone on countless trips to Target, Costco, and Ikea together. Maybe you've helped each other move. You cook together and binge on Dr. Who over Chinese takeout. It's as important to be as comfortable having fun and going out as spending the night indoors being domestic AF.


Cook For Each Other

According to Elite Daily, couples who cook together are more likely to stay together for three reasons. You two are learning together (from dicing to poaching), you're communicating, and (hopefully) you're enjoying each other. Plus there's something rewarding about eating a delicious meal that you made with your partner.


Go Through Life-Changing Experiences Together

If your relationship can survive major life-changing moments, from grieving to moving, to getting a new job, chances are you two can make it through anything that is thrown your way. Big changes are a major litmus test on your compatibility. It will teach you how to grow together and deal with how your SO responds to stress and major milestones.


Meet the Parents

Hopefully you get to meet the parents multiple times which results in mutual respect and endless inside jokes.


Get In Costume

It could be for Halloween, for date night, or a silly night in. Rocking a couples costume sounds silly, but that's exactly why you should do it with your beau. It requires both skill and creativity, and that both parties are able to let their guard down and have fun just for a moment.


Watch the Sunset

It's so cheesy, but that doesn't make it any less special. Plus it's a romantic excuse to cuddle and who doesn't love that?


Have Your Own Playlist

According to Psychology Today, songs from your past evoke vivid memories. Make a playlist to capture special moments of your relationship, from the song you hear from the night you met, to a tune that you introduced each other to. The great thing about it is that you can keep adding to it, cataloging memories along the way.


Take A Roadtrip Together

If you're spending hours in the car together, chances are you'll talk on a deeper level, understand each others' musical tastes, and know if you can sit comfortably in silence.


Salsa Dance Together

It's sexy, fun, and requires the two of you to be close and coordinated. Learning a dance together will make you the divas on the dance floor, and it can be a shared hobby the two of you embark on together. That's a win-win.

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