15 Father's Day Gifts For Feminist Dads

Father's Day is nearly here, and while another tie might be the safe choice for your dad, you could also go out on a limb and get him something that really expresses his personality and beliefs. And if you're one of the lucky women in this world who grew up with a feminist father, then you'll want to get him then Father's Day gifts for feminist dads are just for you.

Feminist dads are the best kind of dads, because they never limit their children's spectrum of possibility. They encourage both their sons and daughters to chase after the things they want. They never tell their sons that they can't dress up as princesses, nor do they tell their daughters they can't try out for the football team. They're not afraid of standing up for gender equality, and they're certainly not afraid to declare themselves a feminist for the rest of the world to see. I have to admit, while searching for feminist gifts for Father's Day, I began to come up short. And that's when I realized I was doing it all wrong. Aren't feminist gifts by their very nature considered gifts of gender equality? That's what I love about feminism. It's still teaching me things every day. Without further ado, here are a few sparkling gems from the world of feminist gifts to give your dad for Father's Day.


For The Bernie Dad

With the election coming up, why not kill two birds with one stone and let your dad announce that he's a feminist and he supports the Bern? This "Feminists for Bernie Sanders t-shirt is sure to match everything in his wardrobe.


For The Dad Looking For Love

Feminist Pin, $2, Etsy

What better way for your dad to court his next lady than by showing off this awesome feminist pin that his daughter got for him? He can wear this heart on his sleeve.


For The Coffee Drinking Dad

Feminist Mug, $18, Etsy

For any father who likes a side of feminism with his morning joe, this feminist coffee cup is sure to bring him joy every time he uses it.


For The Activist Dad

For the dads out there who aren't afraid to make a statement about all of the inequalities that ran rampant when he was your age, this simple Rosa Parks / civil rights t-shirt is the perfect gift.


For The Dad Who Doesn't Mess Around

Anti-misogyny Pin, $2, Etsy

Snag this anti-misogyny pin for your dad to pin to just about anything he owns to let everyone around him that he doesn't stand for misogyny. Because yes, sometimes you still have to tell people that out loud.


For The Yeezy Loving Dad

Feminist Kanye Tee, $30, Etsy

If your dad listens to the occasional Kanye album in the car, or listens to Kanye non-stop, he'll definitely get a kick out of this feminist Kanye t-shirt.


For The Dad Who Loves The Smell Of Equality

So Nosey Candles

This equality candle is perfect for the bathroom, nightstand, or living room of any father interested in having his house smell like the luxurious scent of equality.


For The Dad Of Quality

For your quality dad, this equality t-shirt will make a great statement anywhere he goes.


For The Dad Who Loves To Read

Bad Feminist, $10, Amazon

Because reading things from a woman's point of view is always a good idea, and because no feminist is perfect, gift your father Bad Feminist this Father's Day to assure him that even full fledged feminists still have their work cut out for them.


For The Dad Who Loves The Farmer's Market

Notorious R.B.G bag, $24, Look Human

Can't you just see your dad tucking his week's vegetables into this glorious notorious R.B.G. tote bag at his local farmer's market?


For The Political Dad

"A Woman's Place" Shirt, $24, Wicked Clothes

Your dad can let this feminist politics t-shirt do all the talking for him at his next healthy political debate.


For The Art-Loving Dad

Frida phone case, $28, Society6

Because Frida Kahlo is a feminist legend, and any feminist dad who loves art would be proud to carry her around all day with him, even if it's just on his Frida phone case.


For The Dad Who Loves To Rock

No Cities To Love, $8, Amazon

For the dad who loves to rock out with his favorite feminists, gift him the latest Sleater-Kinney album, No Cities To Love and then, of course, rock out with him.


For The Dad Who Writes

Equality Notebook, $12, Redbubble

If your dad is always carrying around a notebook, why not make his notebook an equality notebook?


For The Dad Who's Looking Out For The Future

"The Future Is Female" t-shirt, $9, Etsy

Any feminist father would be proud to recognize that yes, indeed, women are running the world these days, and would be happy to rock this "The Future Is Female" t-shirt.