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Dads Will Totally Melt Over These 15 Father's Day Gifts From Daughters

Whether he's a great big softy or a man of few words, a #girldad can be tough to shop for. However, the nice thing about Father's Day gifts from daughters is that there are so many ways to express this unique bond. There's really nothing quite like a father-daughter relationship.

In case it's not already marked on your calendar, Father's Day always falls on the third Sunday in June (which is June 21 this year). This important holiday can be tricky, because if your dad (or, your daughter's dad) is vague about what he wants or says he doesn't want anything (even though he knows he's going to get a gift anyway), a general online search will leave you with pages of grilling essentials, golf clubs, and beer openers. Those can be fantastic gifts for some dads, but if you're looking for something a little more representative of the #girldad in your life, those choices can be a little underwhelming.

Maybe dad loves adventure, has a knack for style, enjoys a family game night, or is totally new at fatherhood. Whatever the situation, here are 15 great gifts for a girl to give her dear old dad. (And don't forget to to give him a big hug, too.)

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For The Funny Dad

For the dad who’s always quick to make a dad joke, this shirt is pretty meta. It’s sure to get a laugh.


For The Dad Who Deserves Something Original

Submit a photo of you and your dad to this artist, who will create a custom line portrait. Add it to a gorgeous frame for an unforgettable gift.


Cooling Gel For Sore Muscles

Whether he has a stiff neck from a long day of back-to-back Zoom meetings or a sore runner's knee, this CBD-infused cooling gel is made with menthol and arnica for "serious soothing." He'll be ready for piggyback rides again in no time.


For The Cozy Dad

Perfect for lazy morning cuddles and bedtime stories, be prepared for these super soft pajama pants to be dad's new at-home uniform. They're made from breathable Bamboo fabric so they're light, making them ideal for summer time (especially because they provide UPF 50+ protection, just in case he wants to lounge outside in his pajamas... which he will). Check out Kickee Pants for some super cute father-and-kid fashions, too.


Something To Hang On His Wall

For something a little different, you can get this print with maps of places you've been together and a custom quote. Each mountain is made up of a map of a special spot and you can add up to 20 of them! You can either frame it yourself or have it done for you.


A Shirt That Does The Talking For You

Everybody loves getting a package in the mail, especially when it's packed with little treats just for you. When he opens this one up, he'll find a Father's Day Tie (design of your choice), dress socks, and snacks, with a customized card and personal note. (Other versions available, too.)


Some Dang Peace & Quiet

Okay, no promises these noise-cancelling earbuds bring him peace, but if he turns on some soothing rain sounds he may get close. They're wireless with a rechargeable batter and includ three different sized tips for comfort, a clothing clip, and a carrying case.


An Engraved Watch

A wooden watch is unique in and of itself, but this one also has a custom engraving on the backside of the face. The strap is made from genuine leather and you can choose to have the watch sent in a gift box with its own custom engraving, too.


For The Rad (New) Dad

This subscription box is perfect for a dad celebrating his first Father's Day (it can still be from his daughter even if her other parent does the online ordering). Every month he will get between three and eight items (depending on subscription) that will help him take care of himself and bond with the baby. Boxes include grooming products, snacks, toys, books, and more.


Custom Superhero Print

Go ahead and really lean into the superhero dad concept with a custom print of him and his daughter in superhero capes. There are a lot of customization options available, including hair styles and colors, build, how many people are in the picture, and more. Once you've approved your proof, you'll be sent a PDF so you can print it in any size.


Bonding Through Mindfulness

Dad can relax and bond with his daughter with this game that includes mental, emotional, and physical well-being exercises like yoga, meditation, and a little competition. The box has three games within it, each with their own target age group, so daughters anywhere between 5 and 17 years old can play.


Personalized Key Chain

Instead of his wallet, dad can carry a picture of his daughter that's printed directly on to a stainless steel insert that fits snugly inside a leather key chain. The leather protects the picture, but has a snap on the front so dad can pop it open any time he wants to see his daughter's smile.


High Quality Photo Book

Collect some of your favorite father-daughter photos and create a one-of-a-kind photo book. This book comes with a hard cover, can have between 20 and 100 pages, is professionally bound, and as loads of custom options like size, paper finish, cover art, and more.


Personalized Leather Bracelet

Stylish dads (or, daughters trying to help their dad be stylish) will definitely love this leather bracelet that features small charms with his kids names on it. The bracelets come in either chocolate, navy, olive, wood, or black leather options and can fit up to six sterling silver charms. Since these are custom-made, the earlier you can order the better (you can also send the seller a message to see if it can be expedited).


A List Of Reasons He's So Loved

This book has 30 pages with writing prompts to help a daughter list out reasons she loves him. Prompts include, "I hate to admit it, but you were right about," "I'd be lost without your advice on," and "If I had to describe you in one word it would be."