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Believe It Or Not, Father's Day Is Almost Here So Get Ready For Dad's Big Day

Time is moving a little differently this year. April flew by, March was 300 days long, and who knows what’s in store for summer? At this point, you're probably asking yourself: "When is Father's Day 2020, anyway?" (You're also probably asking yourself, "What day is it today, actually?")

If you're having a little trouble remembering, here's a trick: The holiday always falls on the third Sunday in June. That means this year, Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 21.

Whether you’re celebrating your own father, your kiddos’ dad, a special father-to-be, or even your favorite fictional dad (big shout out to George Banks from Father Of The Bride) you probably don't want to let the day pass without doing something special for the dads in your life. Granted, you might have to do that special thing via FaceTime or Zoom, or you might have to make brunch at home instead of brunch reservations. Maybe you'll have to order your Father’s Day gifts online, but the day can still be fun and filled with dad's favorite things.

Father’s Day 2020 also falls the day after the summer equinox, so hopefully the warm, sunny weather will cooperate with any backyard barbecue plans. Maybe you'll choose to ring in the summer with an activity like a long hike or set up the outdoor games (potentially this amazing shark sprinkler).

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Or maybe dad is more into movie marathons, board games, or a big dinner (hopefully on the grill). There are so many ways to show the fathers in your life what they mean to you. After all, who else would make terrible puns and insist that you leave for the airport five hours early?

This Father's Day might be different, but that doesn't mean it can't be special. In fact, you might just find a way to make it the most special Father's Day of all.