Pottery Barn Kids

This Shark Sprinkler Is So Good, You Won't Even Need A Bigger Boat

It’s finally starting to warm up a bit on our side of the globe, and it's time to bring out all the summer toys for your backyard. Pottery Barn Kids is really making that happen with their incredible inflatable shark sprinkler for $160. Now's your chance to unleash every Jaws quote you've ever had stuck in your head, guys. It's time.

Oh, except for the whole "we're gonna need a bigger boat" quote. This baby requires no flotation device, and it's pretty spectacular. It’s huge at 100” wide and 63” high, and it’s so darn silly that your kids totally won’t mind the fact that they’re willfully running directly into a shark's mouth with all of his crazy teeth. Your kids will squeal with delight as the shark actively “spits” on them as they run back and forth through his wide open mouth. Gross, but you know kids will love it.

The water pressure can be adjusted and the hose hooks up right into the corner of the shark — so no stepping on the hose and stubbing of toes will be happening like with those old fashioned sprinklers I used to run through as a kid. And since it’s an arch, you won’t have to worry about your kid impaling their foot onto the top of the sprinkler and then hurting themselves or your sprinkler. It’s a win-win. Man, sprinkler jumping was quite an intense summer sport when you think about it.

Bonus: this is the perfect sprinkler to set up a "car wash" for your kid's tricycles, Power Wheels, and bikes. So fun.

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All you need when you have this bad boy delivered to your home is a pump to inflate it, a hose, and a yard. There’s a vinyl repair kit that’s included and it’s suitable for kids ages 3 and up. But let’s be real, I know you’ll be under this shark while the kids are napping.