These fun kids face masks from Etsy are ones kids will actually want to wear.
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15 Fun Kid Face Masks On Etsy They'll Actually *Want* To Wear

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I never thought I would be searching for face masks as part of my kids' back-to-school shopping routine, but here we are. Even if your child isn't headed back to school, they may still need a face mask to be out and about, and having a stack of fun kids face masks from Etsy will get your kids excited about mask-wearing.

The upside to all of this mask shopping of course is that, just like clothing and accessories, face masks are just one more way kids can express themselves and their individuality. For instance, my 6-year-old has requested a back-to-school face mask that makes him "look like a puppy." It was the cutest thing to watch him get excited about the potential of having a fun mask to wear when he finally gets to return to school.

Shopping for kids' face masks is almost like shopping for a backpack. Whether your kids are into Star Wars, they love llamas, or want to show off some sparkle, there is a fun face mask out there that they won't mind wearing. An almost overwhelming amount of choices exist, but these fun kids face masks from Etsy should give your kiddos a few ideas for when it's time to wear their mask.

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Sparkle Unicorn

If there was ever a time for your child to dress up like a sparkly unicorn, this is it. This fun face mask featuring a unicorn with adorable eyelash details, rainbow bangs, and a shiny gold horn is made from two layers of polyester fabric and is available in both toddler and youth sizes.


Pikachu's Face

If your little one trades Pokemon cards like they're going out of style (except they haven't since the late '90s and surely never will), this is the face mask for them. With Pikachu's adorable red-cheeked face on this triple-layered cotton and polyester mask, your child will be protected.


Groovy Tie-Dye

For older kids who may not want a cartoon character, animal, or sparkly design on their face mask, a tie dye face mask is a great option. They're bright, trendy, and will keep your child's nose and mouth covered. Made from soft, french terry material, these masks are as comfortable as they are fun.


Glitter Mermaid

You kiddo will truly stand out from the crowd in this shimmery mermaid face mask. Pretty turquoise, pink, and gold material with a fish scale pattern will turn any little kid into an under-the-sea swimmer as soon as they slip it on. If you love this mask as much as your kids do, it's also available in adult sizes.


Baby Shark

Turn your kiddo into Baby Shark (doo-doo-do-do-doo) in a snap with this fun face mask from Etsy. Plus, if your whole family wants to get in on the Baby Shark action, there are also Mommy Shark and Daddy Shark style face masks available. I see a mask-wearing family photo shoot in your future.


Baby Yoda

A quick search will show that there are many Baby Yoda-themed face masks out there, but this adorable kid-friendly option has the cute phrase, "This is my good side" emblazoned right on the fabric. Made with two layers of breathable cotton with a layer of interfacing in between, this mask has your force-loving kiddo covered.


Cute Kitty

Can we just talk about how precious the little heart-shaped nose and tiny whiskers are on this kitten face mask? A double layer cotton mask with elastic loops, kids can choose from white or bronze print on a black mask, or stand out with red, gold, or silver sparkle print.


Spider-Man's Web

Your kiddo's spidey senses will totally tingle when they don this Spider-Man-themed face mask with a red background and spiderweb pattern. They may not be swinging from the tops of skyscrapers, but your kids can stay safe and protected wherever they are when they wear this fun superhero face mask.


Many Faces Of Forky

Perfect for their first day of school, this fun kids' mask features Forky from Toy Story and all of his many facial expressions. Your child may not be able to show what expression they're making behind this mask, but Forky can totally do it for them. The mask includes a filter pocket within the fabric and an adjustable nose wire.


Hangin' Around

What is more fun than adorable, cuddly sloths? Adorable, cuddly sloths hanging around on a face mask, that's what. This particular mask features seven layers of fabric, including an activated charcoal layer to provide protection for your kids whenever and wherever they need to wear a face mask.


Festive Llamas

This adorable face mask for kids has llamas all over it and each one is decked out in festive rainbow and floral decor. With two layers of 100% cotton and elastic ear loops, these fun masks are available in two sizes for kids ages 3 to 6 and 6 to 12.


Glow-In-The Dark Dinos

Kids tend to gravitate toward anything that glows in the dark — like this glow-in-the dark face mask with a dinosaur skeleton. It's so much fun for them to flip the lights on and off and watch it light up. Made from 100% pre-washed cotton, this mask also features an optional filter pocket and nose wire.


Video Gamer

If your kids are anything like mine, they've spent much of quarantine playing hour after hour of video games. This video game-themed mask features two layers of brushed polyester with a sublimation transfer print on one side of neon-colored game controllers on soft black fabric with elastic ear loops.


Dancing Polar Bears

I cannot get over how adorable this light blue mask with dancing polar bears all over it is. This washable face mask features three layers of tightly-woven cotton and muslin fabric with adjustable ear straps. Available in three sizes for children, you can ensure a proper fit for kids of all ages.


Minion Faces

The Minions characters have incredible staying-power when it comes to how much kids of all ages enjoy the banana-loving, bumbly-speaking creatures from the Despicable Me movies. This Minions face mask with elastic ear loops is available in two different size options, best suited for kids ages 5 to 8 and ages 9 to 13.

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