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15 Funniest Tweets About Having Sex After Baby That New Parents Just Get


When your life is completely upended by the arrival of a baby, sometimes all you can do is laugh. Seriously, everything from your sleep schedule to your choice of entertainment is drastically changed. And, of course, these changes also affect your life in the bedroom. That said, the funniest tweets about having sex after baby show that sometimes humor is the best way to cope with your new normal.

There are a wide range of responses to picking up the art of sex after giving birth. Some women are more than ready to get back in the saddle, whereas others want to give that part of their lives a little break. However, it looks like most all new parents appreciate one thing more than romance at this time: snacks. Seriously, if you're trying to romance a new mom, it looks like a sandwich or two could help you out.

Of course, in all seriousness, returning to intimacy after having a baby is a topic that's often fraught with mixed feelings. Fatigue, fluctuating hormones, and the general shock of caring for a baby around the clock can mess with your sex drive. But instead of stressing about one more thing right now, it may be worthwhile to take a cue from these tweets and laugh at your situation. Thankfully, it won't last forever.

1. Telling The Truth

So much for all of those hot dog and hallway jokes, eh?

2. Rethinking Romance

Really, though: food is love.

3. Making Do

Hey, cold cuts can make for a satisfying meal in their own right.

4. Tell Me More

A how-to guide might be handy.

5. Snacks Attack

Seriously: new parents are super into snacking.

6. Agony

Thankfully, shoes are a thing.

7. Earworm

Sure, your regular mood music has nothing on "bubble, bubble, bubble, guppies, guppies, guppies."

8. Plausible Deniability

We found these kids in the cabbage patch, I swear.

9. Contrarian

Hey, some people keep feeling the urge.

10. Surprises

Isn't that fun?

11. Give Me Some Credit

Nothing's touching those stitches. Nothing.

12. Very First Time

You could incorporate this idea into some form of role play, if you're into that.

13. I'm Sorry, What?

Seriously: what.

14. Boom

What more needs to be said?

15. Give It Time

Sometimes you just need a little R&R, and that's totally understandable.