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15 Funny Halloween Costumes That'll Make Everyone LOL

Creating the perfect Halloween costume requires creativity, a sense of humor, and a healthy dose of not giving AF what anyone thinks. But trying to create some funny Halloween costumes can be really overwhelming.

I know, it's Halloween and it's supposed to be fun, so what's the big deal? The big deal is that a funny Halloween costume is so much more than putting on a foam toilet and pretending you're the porcelain throne. You have to really think about what makes you laugh, especially if you want to stand out at a party. It's just not enough to wear the same funny costume everyone else is donning and expect to get the laughs.

OK, I'm making this way too serious, aren't I? Look, I just want you to win at your Halloween party. I want you to knock the guests dead with your hilarious costume (pun totally intended). I want you to put back the lingerie and animal ears, the political costumes, and the fake blood. I want you to wear something that's comfortable and fun and that will make everyone say, "Ha. That's hilarious."

But remember, it's about more than just the costume. These funny 15 Halloween costumes look pretty great, but you really have to take it to an internal level. You can't be Ryan Lochte in handcuffs if you aren't going to yell "jeah" at everything, can you? Trick or treat, my friend, and I hope everyone LOLs at whichever costume you choose from this list.


Ace Ventura

Because there are few things funnier than dressing up as Jim Carrey’s alter ego. You’ll need to mess up your hair, obviously, and then get dressed in a pair of dark cargo shorts ($13), a printed button-down shirt ($16), a pair of combat boots ($36), and of course, a pink tutu ($10). Grab a football ($11) to complete the look and be sure to do the slow-motion instant replay scene, OK?


Ross Kardashian Hybrid

Look, Ross Geller is a great Halloween choice, but so is David Schwimmer’s role as Robert Kardashian in American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. If you haven’t fallen in love with him saying “juice” over and over again, I don’t know what to tell you. But you’ll make everyone laugh with a hybrid costume of both Ross and Robert. Make sure to talk about dinosaurs, put a gray streak in your hair, and shout, “We were on a break, Juice!” frequently. You’ll need a salmon collared shirt ($6), because both Ross and Kardashian rock it a time or two, and add in a bottle of orange juice ($4) and some dinosaurs ($9) to give it some major identity.


Lady E.T.

Y’all, I can’t with E.T. dressed as a lady. It literally makes me laugh out loud. To give everyone a hearty dose of the '80s, you’ll need to practice your best E.T. voice and put on a floral dress ($15), a faux fur shrug ($15), a red pashmina ($4), a hat with a flower ($15), a pearl necklace ($3), and a long blonde wig ($17). To complete the ensemble, try this E.T. make-up tutorial from YouTube’s iwanted2c1video.


Milton From 'Office Space'

Office Space is full of great quotes and moments, but Milton steals the show, doesn’t he? Dress the part in a gray button down shirt ($17), a gray tie ($6), a pair of fake glasses ($7), a pack of pencils for your pocket ($1), and, of course, a red stapler ($11).


Ryan Lochte

Jeah. You’ll be making everyone laugh when you decide to dress as America’s headache — Ryan Lochte. Say lots of obnoxious things and don a pair of Speedos ($13), a swim cap ($4), some swim goggles ($12), a medal ($5), and please don’t forget your green hair spray ($4). If you can manage a smell of desperation, that will really help you out with this costume.


Every Celebrity On Snapchat Ever

Stay comfy, cute, and totally basic when you dress as every celebrity’s Snapchat. I don’t know about you, but I think this is pretty d*mn hilarious because it is so true. You’ll need the Snapchat dog filter accessories ($15), a flower crown ($15), some highlighter ($11), bronzer ($6), gray hair spray ($4), and, of course, a green tea ($4).


Running Forrest Gump

Run, Forrest, run. Everyone will be shouting it at you in the running Forrest Gump costume ($60) from Obviously, you’ll need to re-watch the movie and pick up a few great lines before you lace up the sneaks so you can keep everyone laughing.


Monica Wearing A Turkey

Not only is Monica Geller wearing a turkey on her head funny, it also terrifies Joey and gets Chandler to confess his love for her. To rock the look, you’ll need a raw turkey mask ($35), a green long sleeve shirt ($20), slim black pants ($10), a red fez hat ($10), and a pair of giant yellow sunglasses ($3). Please also perfect the Monica dance.


Robin Sparkles

You don’t have to be Canadian to make everyone laugh when they see you dressed as Robin Sparkles, the Canadian pop star alter-ego of Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother. She wears a variety of outfits, but the original ‘Let’s Go to the Mall’ outfit is the best. You’ll need an acid-wash denim jacket ($20), a denim skirt ($24), a white t-shirt ($6), black fishnet footless tights ($5), 80s costume jewelry ($4), white ruffle socks ($5), black flats ($17), red tulle for a big bow ($3), and a red belt ($18).



What’s funnier than machine gun jubblies, honestly? Dress like one of the funniest parts of the original Austin Powers movie with the fembot costume ($50) from Spirit Halloween. Beware of anybody in Union Jack underwear pelvic thrusting at you though, OK?


Cousin Eddie From 'Christmas Vacation'

Alright, dressing like Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation is funny enough, but please make sure to say “Sh*tter is full” at some point when you’re wearing the Cousin Eddie costume ($40) from


Joey Tribbiani In His Thanksgiving Pants

You don’t have to be pregnant to appreciate a costume that allows you to wear maternity pants, OK? Joey Tribbiani is pretty hilarious and I guarantee that when you put this outfit together, someone is going to laugh. Plus, you can totally hide your bloat. You’ll need some printed red maternity pants ($30), a gray sweater ($15), and a giant fake turkey ($15).


'A Christmas Story' Leg Lamp

Don A Christmas Story leg lamp costume ($25) so you can look like the major award you are. One of the best Christmas movies also has the most hilarious scene with the “fra-gee-lay” moment and dressing as the infamous leg lamp will have everyone giggling all over again.


Schmidt's D*uchebag Jar

If you’ve ever watched a moment of New Girl, you know that Schmidt and his douchebag jar are some of the most hilarious parts of the entire series. For a funny costume, dress as the d*uchebag jar with a plain white dress ($40), pretend dollar bills ($11), and a jumbo pink Post-It Note ($6). Attach the fake money to the bottom of the dress and work your way up so it looks like you’ve already received some bills at the hands of Schmidt. Use a marker to write Douchebag Jar on the pink Post-It Note and attach it to your chest. Done. And hilarious.


Leslie Knope In Hospital With Waffles

Few things funnier than Leslie Knope, unless you’re going to dress like her in the hospital munching on a waffle. You’ll need a hospital gown ($6), a hospital bracelet ($2), a blonde wavy wig ($20), and, naturally, a waffle.