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15 Funny Thanksgiving Fails That Would Never Happen To Martha Stewart

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and with it comes ultra-perfect expectations for the day. You'll cook up a four course meal, every dish expertly crafted. Your kids will behave perfectly and won't spill anything or pull any of the tablecloths off of your immaculately set tables. Your relatives will gather and laugh over shared interests, never a political debate to be heard. Or, you'll host a festive dinner on planet Earth like everyone else and you'll find yourself relating to more than one of these funny Thanksgiving Day fails in the spirit of camaraderie and gratitude. Really, there's no way to prepare for the holiday than to acknowledge the disasters of years before.

It's no surprise that, more often than not, large family gatherings result less in "perfection" and more in chaos and hilarity than anything else. Whether just to get a good laugh, or to embarrass their non-social media savvy great aunt (also to get a good laugh), people took to Twitter last year to share some of their most memorable #thanksgivingfails and, the results are hilarious and oh so easy to relate to.

No matter if you're the type of person that has their Thanksgiving agenda planned to the last stuffing and casserole, or you're more of a "wing it" type of Turkey Day planner, these fails will go you hope. Even if your Thanksgiving doesn't go as planned, at least it won't be as bad as these poor, thankful souls'.


"The Christmas Story" All Over Again

Everyone knows the scene from the classic The Christmas Story, but no one expects their own version of the "Bumpus Hounds" to come crashing down on their Thanksgiving turkey. Maybe takeout is the best option after all.


The MIL Melt Down

Frosted Flakes should be placed in a cereal bowl, and nowhere else. RIP to that poor casserole.


Casserole Catastrophe

There is so much going on in this photo. Fritos. Trailer Gas Oven. Overflow. Something tells me that the #daydrinking did not stop here. #Oops indeed.


Burnt AF

If you don't burn at least one dish, you can't be thankful for the rest of the unscathed food, right? At least it wasn't the turkey.


Moldy Pies

I don't even want to know the chain of events that led to the holy grail of pies becoming moldy. Also, why is your "spare pie" in the car?


Wine Or Theraflu?

Boxed wine for Thanksgiving it is. Just pour it in a fancy glass and no one will know the difference.


The Ultimate Thanksgiving Faux Pas

If you can't cook a Turkey properly, do you really even have anything to be thankful for? Expletives and all, no one likes dry ass white meat.


Thanksgiving To Go

The entire point of Thanksgiving dinner is to hoard as much food as possible, because winter is coming. If you didn't grab leftovers, what are you even doing with your life?


Surprise Announcement

What better time than when your distant relatives gather around the table for the first time in a year to announce that you're not pregnant? Thanks for nothing, mom.


Forever Alone

Get with the program, Uncle Bob. You updated your Facebook relationship status months ago.


Props For Creativity

Let's hope they at least tasted good.


One Word: Toddler

Don't worry, it's not like you spent hours crafting the perfect pie only to have your toddler grab fistfuls of it immediately before serving. Oh wait, that's exactly what happened.



At least mashed potatoes is the softest of all the Thanksgiving dishes. Heaven forbid if you drop your phone in your spiced Theraflu, er, wine.


First World Problems

If you don't eat yourself into a food induced coma are you even celebrating Thanksgiving? Might as well call it Thursday.


The Ultimate Fail

The most important song of the year, completely disrespected.

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