Courtesy of Liza Wyles

15 Funny Tweets Working Moms Will Definitely Identify With

All parents know that if you don't have and maintain a healthy sense of humor when it comes to raising kids, you won’t be able to function. Working moms really dial that practice up a notch, because having a career and kids is some next level insanity (unless you can afford to keep a staff of chefs, chauffeurs, caregivers, and seamstresses, in which case, good on you!). Thankfully, Twitter is a thing and there are some funny tweets working moms will definitely identify with and (rightfully) laugh at.

When you look closely at my working mom life, there is nothing that obviously funny about it. I’m stressed and I’m tired and I’m maybe not very clean in some places (is brushing your teeth twice a day a thing for grown-ups too?). But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love cultivating my career, and I’m proud of the work I do on a daily basis. Right now I happen to have a job that I truly enjoy, which helps to justify being away from my kids all day. It’s cool that I can show them what I do and feel good about the sacrifices I make. When they take pride in my professional projects, I feel like I’ve struck that perfect work-life balance.

Of course, after two seconds, the feeling vanishes and I’m trying to re-schedule a conference call so it doesn’t conflict with one of the kids’ classroom observation days.

I’m not alone, though. Thanks to the Twitterverse, I’ve found others like me, who struggle with keeping career and parenting hemispheres from disastrously colliding, and who know how to laugh about it when a cataclysmic collision happens anyway (and trust me, it always happens).

Here are a few funny tweets working moms, like me, can totally identify with:

"Who Do I Need To Be Now?"

Sometimes we have a hard time toggling between the work parts and mom parts of the brain.

Success At The Office = Failure At Home?

Sometimes it feels like the sole point of having a job is to see how long the kids go before sabotaging it.

Nobody Cares When You're Just Eating For One

Work lunches and parenting don’t mix.

At Least We Remember To Pack the Kid's Lunch!

Most days we actually crave a sad desk salad.

We'll Sleep When We're Dead

There is no end to the work, even (and especially) when the work day ends.

Apps Keep Us Organized, Until They Don't

The choice whether to work or parent is literally in our hands (and sometimes making the decision for us).

Our To-Do Lists Are Non-Traditional

But we get more done before 8 a.m. than, well, almost anyone else!

Weekends Do Not Mean The Work Ends

Now, TGIF is just a place to eat.

I Love My Career, But Not The Fact That I'm Discriminated Against For Having One

You heard the one about how working moms earn less than working dads? Just so hilarious, right? Nope.

We Can't Take Our Work Home, Because Work Is Already There

Oh, how I envy coworkers who get to relax with a glass of wine after their work day ends. Mine continues with Sesame Street and playdates and a toddler tantrum.

Working 9 To 5, Then 5 To 9

And by "day," we mean "day and night and day again."

Child-Free Co-Workers Don't Always Get It

No more for me, thanks.

The Biggest Influencers On Our Careers May Still Be In Diapers

It’s hard to get motivated at my desk when the open floorplan discourages belting out the earworms my children have planted in me.

We Might Despise Teamwork

It’s really hard to delegate to certain “interns.”

A Working Mom's Style Looks Good On Everyone

Ditching "business casual" for "hot mess" is the best part of coming home from work.