15 'Game Of Thrones' Costumes For Kids That Will Make Them As Cool As Lyanna Mormont

A family who dresses up together, stays together... right? Halloween is just around the corner, and there's possibly only one show that can give you enough characters and ideas to make a cohesive family costume — Game of Thrones. You don't have to leave the littlest members out either. Game of Thrones costumes for kids are the perfect excuse for all of you to go as your favorite characters.

You could all be children of the forest, white walkers, or a band of Starks. My personal favorite is the mother of dragons with her dragon babies. Be warned that some of these costumes have inherent spoilers in them if you haven't watched season seven, but there really isn't any excuse for that. The most difficult part about Game of Thrones costumes for children is finding costumes and characters that have some integrity... or at least a little integrity.

That being said, there is a huge range that you can take with this and a lot of creativity. These are just ideas, and they give you a great ability to go completely down the DIY rabbit hole or find something pre-made for you to buy. Whether you're into saving money or saving time, here are 15 Game of Thrones costumes for kids so your whole family can cosplay this Halloween.


White Walker

Skip the contact lenses for your children, but you can find makeup video tutorials to do if you're good with face painting. If you're not good at makeup, get the mask ($51, Costume Super Center) of the Night King. Repurpose this motorcycle jacket ($40, Amazon) as the armor the Night King uses, and get a fake sword and holster ($5, Oriental Trading).


Brienne of Tarth

She's a bomb female who doesn't sit down quietly. Her look is really easy if you have a blonde wig or if your child has blonde hair (male or female). (Or if you're not afraid to put temporary dye into your child's hair.) Her hair is one of the strongest characteristics, so it's really important this works.

If your child has naturally blonde hair like Brienne, you can do one of three things:

1. Fake the pixie cut by taking all of your child's hair into a ponytail in the middle of the back of the head and twist it upward toward the top of the head. Secure it in place with bobby pins and fan out the edges over the forehead to look like Brienne of Tarth. Still confused? Check out this video tutorial.

2. If your child already has short hair, this is super easy. Slick it back with some styling cream that has a lot of hold ($42, Amazon).

3. The wig option involves finding a blonde pixie wig ($9, Light in the Box) and styling it.

Now, on to the costume. You can either buy the armor ($20, Amazon) and use a bronze metallic acrylic paint ($10, Michael's) to give it that color and dimension, or you can make it yourself and customize it by cutting out pieces of cardboard, wrapping them in aluminum foil, and painting them with different shades of metallic paint. Need some help? There's a tutorial on how to make your own armor from eHow and you can make your own sword too. Cool, right?


Jon Snow

Get the latest I've-been-in-the-north-too-long season look by making some natural fake snow with a tutorial from BunnieClaire on YouTube. Slick your child's hair back into a curly man bun or pony, and put the fake snow on like you would a pomade. For Jon's facial hair, you can either buy it online ($20, eBay) or make a beard using this tutorial and some crepe wool ($16, Stage Makeup Online). There's also this tutorial that uses Barbie hair in case your children are over that phase. If you don't want to pay almost $100 for this adorable baby Jon Snow costume ($99, Etsy), you can find a way to recreate it pretty easily. There's this Ikea tutorial on how to make an Ikea rug into a fur cape, which is actually quite genius because you can make one for yourself too for pretty cheap. It's also a great way to repurpose a rug you might have been wanting to get rid of. Get a standard suit of armor from the Brienne of Tarth costume, and you're good to go fighting for your candy.



If you want to channel Ygritte, use the tutorial from Bay Tree Costumes. You can also use the Jon Snow Ikea rug tutorial to make your own. Use this faux fur vest ($40, H&M) to pack on more layers.


Direwolf Or Ghost

A baby Direwolf or Ghost will be the perfect companion if you or your partner decide to be Jon Snow. You can get the full get up ($45,, but Rust & Sunshine has an adorable DIY version that will keep your toddler warm, too.


Baby Dragon

Get a reasonably priced dragon costume ($30, Party City) and follow this DIY dragon egg tutorial. If you're comfortable with thumb tacks, there's another video tutorial you can follow.


Young Daenerys

I'd highly recommend you going as the mother of the dragons and having your little ones be the the dragons, like this idea from Baby Bird's Farm and Cocina. If your little one wants to be Daenerys, it's also easy enough to pull off. There's a hair tutorial you can follow on YouTube on how to get the braids right. The easiest version would be a young Daenerys look because it's basically a long maxi dress in soft colors. You can revamp this maxi dress in pink ($27, The Skirt Outlet) by altering the sleeves and neckline. Otherwise, this dress will work ($18, Target) with a belt and accessories in green.



The DIY Costume Squad has great tutorials you can do with materials you probably have at home. She walks through how to do Khal Drogo, and you can customize this for your children.

You'll need a lot of leather scraps that you can ask for from an upholstery store or repurpose from old leather jackets that are falling apart. You can also get faux leather by the yard ($2, Michael's). You'll need a hot glue gun, some patience and some leather cord ($8, Amazon).


Lord Varys

This is perfect for a baby because Varys is ... well, bald. You're going to need to find a child's size robe and belt it. Want an easy hack? Find a choir robe ($18, Discount Choir Robes) or a graduation gown and some fabric paint and stencils ($3) to make your own design.


Sansa Fierce

Sansa is all attitude and warrior. Start with a graphic printed dress ($35, Macy's), then find a cape and hot glue this faux fur wrap collar ($17, Amazon) to it.



You'll need a brown leather jacket ($32, 6pm) that you don't mind repurposing. Grab a faux fur rug from Ikea or buy by the piece ($3+, Factory Direct Craft), and cut a sash out of it and a cloak that you can attach to the leather jacket. Pair it all of with brown leather gloves and a fake sword. Bonus, get a face mask and have them carry it around. She is, after all, a faceless person. Bring your daughter's hair back into a half pony, and she's ready to avenge death.


A Raven

Get a raven mask ($15, Etsy), and dress them up in all black. If you're feeling extra, you can get custom raven feathers made to look like wings ($30+, Etsy). Make tiny scrolls for your children to deliver messages to people all night with little scrolls.


Bran Stark

Bran Stark will be very similar to the rest of the Stark family in the faux fur cape department. Have a Renaissance vest go underneath $(16, Candy Apple Costumes) the cloak, and you should be set to go. You'll need a wheel chair or a way to decorate your stroller to give it an added touch.


A Child Of The Forest

This is where you step up your makeup game... by a lot. The above tutorial is intense, but it's also insanely good. It's probably better for your older kiddos. Get some natural leggings ($50) and pair it with a burlap sack with twin braids twisted around it.



This one is all about the dress, the hair, and the belt. Make it easy on yourself with an old unfitted bed sheet you no longer use. Cut it to the length of your little one. Make a not loop at one end, and take a thick choker necklace ($50, Etsy) and place it through that loop to look like the photo above. Wrap the rest of the sheet around your child toga style by following this tutorial from Her Campus. Pull it all together by making a belt out of card board, wrapping it aluminum foil, and painting the pattern on with the metallic paint from the Brienne of Tarth costume.


George RR Martin

Get creative by dressing up as the mastermind behind it all. The best part is that it's super easy. Use the beard tutorial from the Jon Snow costume to create some silver fox beard hair. Find a black taxi cab hat ($13, H&M), and pop the lenses out of some cheap children's vintage glasses ($16, Zenni Optical) or sunglasses. Use this black crew neck T-shirt ($5, Old Navy), and pair it with a pair of black suspenders ($10, H&M) and a pair of black slacks ($10, The Children's Place). You can get extra points by finding or using a black leather jacket ($35, H&M), so they'll be warm while trick-or-treating. Of course, you can't forget the Game of Thrones book. Go one step further by getting a hard cover book jacket and a basket to make a DIY candy collector that will be cooler than everyone else's.

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