15 Gender Neutral Baby Names, Because Your Child’s Name Shouldn’t Define Their Identity

It’s no secret that 2015 has been a big year for not only bending gender stereotypes, but for busting right through them. Between President Obama referencing the word transgender, Caitlyn Jenner documenting her transition, and companies like Target removing gender-based signs, everyone seems to be opening their minds and making an effort to create a gender-safe world, especially when it comes to their own children. Time has already dubbed 2015 as the year of gender neutral baby names and you know what? I couldn’t be more excited.

What even makes a name meant for a boy or a girl? Because of tradition? We’ve seen so many baby names change from gender to gender over the course of time, it doesn’t even make sense to box a baby name into a gender camp. It’s like assuming that because you’re having a girl, you have to dress her in nothing but pink onesies that say “princess” across the front. Your baby’s name shouldn’t define their gender or their identity. Instead, you should find a name that is meaningful and one you absolutely love, regardless of its traditional gender. Whether you want your child to be represented by a calm, nature-inspired name or an old-fashioned, quirky moniker, these 15 gender neutral baby names are sure to help you decide.



A darling name for either a boy or a girl, Robin is English and means bright fame. It’s also inspired from nature with its origin being the bird of the same name. Actress Robin Wright Penn takes on the name, but so does Batman’s boy wonder of a sidekick, so no gender restrictions here.



From Morgan Freeman to Morgan Fairchild, this sweet name breaks all stereotypes. A Welsh name, it means sea-circle making it a cute choice for water lovers.



Hayden has become increasingly popular for both boys and girls and I think the meaning of the name is to blame. It means fire, so who wouldn’t want to give their little one a dose of that kind of spunk?



This is normally a nickname, but it stands alone so well. With old-fashioned charm, Charlie is primarily short for Charles, but using it for a little girl, even if it’s short for Charlotte, gives it a quirky air.



Another nickname traditionally, but we’re breaking all name stereotypes, right? Lou is sweet for both a boy or a girl, but can be short for Louise or Louis. Lou also means renowned warrior which is just about perfect.



A favorite on all gender neutral lists, Taylor is one of the more popular names of the last few decades. You probably know just as many boy Taylors as you do girls, so enjoy the adorable name for your own babe.



A preppy, adorable name, Ryan may mean little king, but I think it suits the queen in your life, too. Coming from Ireland, it’s a lucky name for your lucky little one.



Blake Lively has proven that this traditionally masculine name is a fine choice for a little girl. It conjures images of a girl who won’t take any sh*t and plans on breaking all the molds.



One of my absolute favorites, Quinn sounds so spunky and fiery that I can hardly resist it. Name all the babies Quinn! It’s populating both the boys’ and girls’ lists lately!



Thanks to pop culture, Elliot has been fighting against the boys only myth for years. From the quirky female doctor on Scrubs to the beloved red-hooded boy in E.T., everyone can agree it’s a great gender neutral name.



With a name that means “ruler of the elves”, how could you dare to box it into one gender camp? Avery just sounds magical and both boys and girls can appreciate this imaginative name.



Maybe I’m biased, but I think Sam is a spunky and sweet moniker for both boys and girls. Whether you choose to go for a full name route (like Samantha and Samuel) or skip the formality and just name a baby Sam, it’s a hit on both sides.



With a masculine meaning like “son of the sea”, it may seem like Dylan is just for the little dudes. But take the sea inspiration and put it on your little girl to instill a love of of the ocean.



Traditionally a surname, the Scottish moniker of Cameron has made big strides in the unisex name world. It can always be shortened to more masculine and feminine nicknames like Cam or Cami, too.



I’ve known several Jordans in my life (thanks to the ‘90s), and I think I can safely say that I know just as many boys named Jordan as I do girls.The name is originally Hebrew and means “flowing down”, so it’s perfect for your spiritual babe.

Image: Courtesy of David Salafia/Flickr; Giphy (15)