15 Genius Products To Put On Your Baby Registry That You Didn't Think Of

Building a baby registry as a new parent (or even an experienced one) can be overwhelming. When you're trying to figure out what to include and what to weed out, you may wonder if you're thinking of all the important necessities. Or better yet, what are the genius baby products to put on your baby registry that a lot of new parents don't consider? Luckily, there are a ton of awesome, seasoned parents to weigh in on what clever products to encourage all new parents to put on their registry.

You may not realize it now, or you may have an "ah-ha" moment after reading through some of the products here, but the truth is there's likely something you're not thinking of that would be a registry godsend, and you won't realize it until your baby is home from the hospital. It might be a little too late then. Although not everyone agrees on the same necessities, there are a handful of products that prove helpful to the large majority of parents.

So if you're expecting and still have some time before your shower, jump onto your registry and add start adding the genius products here to your wishlist. We're 99 percent sure you won't regret it.


House-Cleaning Service

From the moment I had a child and for the rest of my life, I will always just want someone to come clean my house for me. Luckily, it's an option, and an amazing gift to include on your registry that allows you some downtime and your baby a happy, rested mom. And honestly, that's the best gift for everyone.


Nose Frida

Fridababy NoseFrida Snotsucker ($16, Amazon)

I cannot convey how many moms suggested adding this to the registry. The NoseFrida helps suck the snot out of a stuffy nose with unprecedented results. I used the awful bulb syringes when my babies were snotty, so I can only imagine literally anything else would be a better option for your baby registry.


Doula Services

Having a doula by your side during birth and even postpartum is extremely empowering and helpful for so many new moms. If it's something you're curious about or considering, it's definitely worth adding it to the registry list to help transition your baby into the world.


Organizational Storage

Cube bins ($10, Land of Nod)

Organization with a new baby, and especially with a second or third child added to the mix, isn't easy. If you create an organizational system for clothes, toys, diapers, and more, it makes cleaning so much simpler, not to mention being able to find the extra diaper wipes and creams in an instant, and gives each piece of any mess a place. Consider what you might need to keep your little one's supplies organized and add it to the registry.


Restaurant Gift Cards

Obviously your newborn can't eat out yet, but as exhausted parents who realize no one has a dinner plan at 8 p.m., restaurant gift cards are your savior. They can serve as both a back up plan and a way to get you out of the house as a family from time to time.


Laundry Basket(s)

An addition to the house means more laundry. Like, a lot of laundry. So much so that I went from surviving comfortably on one laundry basket with no kids to going out to buy three new ones somewhere between child one and two.


Nursing Tops

With my first, I didn't think about needing specific clothing for breastfeeding, but once I realized there were tank tops and bras for easy access, I went for it. In hindsight, this would be a great item to add to the registry, as it benefits both mom and baby and it would've saved me from spending a lot of postpartum dough.


Cool Mist Humidifier

Little did I know how much I'd be using a cool mist humidifier. According to Mayo Clinic, humidifiers add moisture to the air and can ease coughing or congestion due to a cold. Especially when your baby is too little to offer cold medicine, this is a great resource to have on your registry especially during the wintertime.


Baby Sleep Swaddles

Tessa Shull

Sleep swaddles are like magical sleep cocoons for your baby. I'm convinced they're the only reason I ever got any sleep the first three to four months of both of my children's lives. What's unique about a sleep swaddle (or sack) is the velcro that helps keep the swaddle cozy and prevents your little one from wiggling out to wake himself. Not everyone is a swaddling pro, and this definitely helps parents give their baby that fitted, womb-like experience that they find so comforting.


Water Bottles

Bkr water bottle ($40, Bkr)

Especially if you're a breastfeeding mom, it's important to stay hydrated. But with a baby, open containers become major spilling hazards in my experience. This is a great item to add to the baby registry, even if it's just for mom because it helps you keep water on hand and gives you perspective on how much you're drinking.


Larger Size Baby Clothes & Diapers

A lot of people go for the newborn size clothes and diapers, but in reality, babies grow out of that size really quick. It's actually a good idea to put clothes on your registry that offer a range of different sizes so you're not left empty handed once your baby hits a growth spurt. Also, while you do have a due date and your doctor is helping you keep track of the baby's size, you really can't predict when exactly the baby will arrive, and what size he or she will be. So it would be a shame if you were stocked with plenty of newborn onesies and your little babe came out nearly ready for 6 month sized clothes.


Wipes Dispenser

Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser ($20, OXO)

With a new baby, wipes are probably one of the things moms use most. And every single time I struggled with the wipes it's because I pulled out too many. This often meant a ton of wipes went to waste. So a wipes dispenser, like the one pictured above, is a great way to avoid that hassle by dispensing one wipe at a time, with one hand, at ease. It may sound ridiculous now, but you will be so glad you asked for it.


Chiropractic Gift Card

A lot of moms are turning to chiropractics for themselves and their children. If back health is something that is important to you, it's a great item to put on the baby registry that can be used both during pregnancy and postpartum. Your baby may even be able to get in on the action too.


Forehead Or Pacifier Thermometer

Braun No Touch Digital Forehead Thermometer ($60, Buy Buy Baby)

Anytime a baby gets sick or feels feverish, the general reaction is to take and monitor their temperature. With a thermometer that goes under the tongue, arm, or rectum, it can difficult to use with a fidgeting, cranky baby. A forehead or pacifier thermometer allows a easy swipe or suck for a quick temperature reading instead of all the hassle and wait time of a traditional thermometer.



Haaka ($26, Amazon)

Birth Doula Samantha Moore of The Doula Girls shares a breast pump gem called haaka. For such an affordable price, it's an awesome pumping tool that allows you to suction onto the breast and does all the pumping work for you — hands free, no wires or bulky electric pumps. It can easily be used on the go or while you're breastfeeding. Plus, it's an extremely affordable resource to add to the registry.

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