15 Halloween Onesies For Babies That Are So Cute It Hurts

Babies and Halloween costumes don't always go together, as much as you wish they did. Some babies will peacefully tolerate a costume all night long, while others will only wear theirs for a few hours, if at all. If they're not even willing to wear them, it might not be worth your while to go all out for Baby's first Halloween. In that case, it might be a better idea to look into Halloween onesies for babies that are so cute it hurts for the perfect themed outfit that your little one will wear all night long (or at least until they spit up or poop — babies, right?)

From sweet and pun-ridden to just a little bit cheeky, these Halloween onesies for babies are simultaneously low effort and a complete costume all in one. Many come in your choice of short or long-sleeved, which is great because then you can plan for the weather. With a pair of leggings or pants and maybe a little hoodie or cardigan, your baby will be the hit of the Halloween party, comfortable, and dressed for the weather of the day. There's a cute Halloween onesie out there for every baby, no matter your style or your budget.


Love At First Bite

Halloween Collectible Bodysuit, $6, Carter's

This long-sleeved Halloween onesie is a great choice if you live in a colder climate, where your little one will likely have to be a bit bundled up on the big day. Paired with a pair of comfy pants, a sweater, and maybe a headband or hat, your baby will certainly be Halloween-ready.


All The Witches Love Me

All The Witches Love Me Halloween Onesie, $13, Etsy

Is Hocus Pocus your personal favorite movie of all time? Then your baby needs this Sanderson sisters-themed onesie for Halloween. It's relatively simple, which means you can add whatever you'd like to in order to complete the outfit and your baby will be one of the most stylish on the block.



FaBOOlous Halloween Onesie, $12, Etsy

Your sweet little ghost needs a sweet (and a little bit sass) onesie for Halloween. This one's cute and glitzy and, let's be honest, great for all of October, not just Halloween itself.


I Put A Spell On You

Hocus Pocus Onesie, $17, Etsy

If your little one put a spell on you (and they did, right?) from the moment you saw them, this cute little outfit is just the right one for them to wear on Halloween. The Hocus Pocus-themed onesie is paired with a festive orange tutu and a sequined headband to really put it over the top.


I Want To Suck Your Boo-Bies

Breastfeeding Onesie, $17, Etsy

So it's a tad bit cheeky, but this "I want to suck your boo-bies" onesie is a hilarious Halloween outfit for your baby if you're breastfeeding. You're sure to hear some comments about this one.


Creature Of The Night

Creature Of The Night Bats Onesie, $13, Etsy

If you're less of a Hocus Pocus kind of person and more a Rocky Horror Picture Show kind of person, then this just might be the perfect onesie for your little one to wear on Halloween. It's great for boys or girls and the bats are cuter than they are scary, so really it's a win-win.


I Love My Mummy

Halloween Onesie, $15, Etsy

You can't go wrong with an "I love my mommy" onesie, but this one is way more appropriate for Halloween than the typical version. You can make this warm or cold weather appropriate so it will work well for Halloween no matter where you live.


All The Ghouls Love Me

Halloween Onesie, $12, Etsy

This adorable Halloween onesie comes in short sleeve or long sleeve versions as well as tiny t-shirts, which mean that you can get one for your baby and another for their older sibling for earlier in the day (plus after they're over their costume because you know that's going to happen).


Handsome Devil

Handsome Devil Dracula Onesie, $13, Etsy

Is there anything cuter than this little onesie? Your baby will be more than ready to tag along during trick or treating or stick around the house, helping you pass out treats to the neighbors in this outfit.


Cutest Lil Boo

Baby Girl Halloween Onesie, $13, Etsy

This cute onesie also comes in either a short-sleeved or long-sleeved version and is color customizable so you can really make it your own. It's the perfect thing for them to wear on Halloween.


If You've Got It, Haunt It

Halloween Onesie, $12, Etsy

This cute "If you've got it, haunt it" onesie is sure to get a few grins and probably more than one laugh. It's just the thing for your cheeky little one to wear on Halloween.


Mom's Lil Monster

Halloween Onesie, $15, Etsy

This adorable Halloween onesie doesn't really scream, "Halloween," which means that it's something you can put your baby in year-round, but it's an especially good choice at Halloween. They're all a little monster-like sometimes, after all.


Frankly, I'm Scary Cute

Halloween Onesie, $15, Etsy

Your baby is scary cute, so this onesie is pretty much perfect for them to wear on Halloween. This one is also available in a t-shirt size so you can get one for your littlest Frankenstein and one for your bigger Frankenstein. Matching sibling photos last forever.


Batty For Daddy

Batty For Daddy Bat Onesie, $13, Etsy

How cute is this "batty for Daddy" onesie? Your little one will be a total hit dressed in this Halloween outfit. With leggings or a skirt plus maybe a headband, your little one will be the sweetest, stylish baby bat on the block.


I'm So Fly

Unisex "I'm So Fly" Onesie, $12, Etsy

Your baby will be the coolest, most relaxed baby on the block in this subtly Halloween-themed witch onesie. Finish off the outfit however you'd like — this onesie is perfect for every baby.

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