These 10-Year Challenge Instagram Captions Prove You Only Get Funnier With Age

If the internet ever offers an excuse to post more selfies, well, I'm all over it. That's why the #10yearchallenge is so satisfying. In addition to the pics, it's fun to craft the perfect 10-year challenge 2019 Instagram captions. Whether they're funny, sweet, or serious, the captions are sometimes better than the pics themselves.

If you're on any social media, chances are you've already seen the #10yearchallenge take over your feeds. It's a simple trend, really. People post a pic from 2009 beside a current image, and make some comment about the differences (or lack thereof). It's easy to lose track of time as you scroll through the hundreds of before and after pics, noticing how much people and trends can change in a decade.

Honestly, I'm mostly impressed by how impressed by how much the average camera quality has improved in the past ten years. Don't know about you, but my 2009 pics look incredibly pixelated and washed out now. Even just a few years makes an amazing amount of difference.

Although the trend has attracted its share of detractors, like literally anything else on the internet, most people seem happy to take a moment and marvel at how much can change in a decade. Here's a few caption ideas you can use to make your #10yearchallenge pics pop.


Now THIS Is A Glow-Up.

A glow-up refers to the process of becoming more gorgeous over time, according to Urban Dictionary. (Yes, I had to look it up.) You can use this phrase for especially striking before and after pics.


Age Is Just A Number, Right?

It's a bit of a cliche, but this phrase is especially fitting for many #10yearchallenge pics. Some people don't appear to age a day.


Time Flies When You're Living It Up.

It isn't bragging. It's just telling the truth.


Like A Fine Wine, It Just Keeps Getting Better.

This is even better if you're holding a glass of wine in one of your pics.


So Much Can Change In A Decade.

Then again, some people look pretty much the same some ten years later. It's wild.


I'm Older, Wiser, & Weirder.

This is a great one to use for silly before-and-after shots.


I'm Feeling More Like Myself Now.

If it feels like 2019 you is more authentic, then make a note of it. This is definitely a reason worth celebrating.


Guess I'm Jumping On The #10yearchallenge Bandwagon.

There's no harm in following internet trends. They have a short life, anyway, so you have to get on them quickly.


Honestly? Feeling Better Than Ever Now.

The way your looks change over the years is fun to notice, but how you feel is more important. If you're happier now than 10 years ago, by all means mention it. Bonus points if you have a sense of humor about the whole thing as well.


OK, But Check Out The Eyebrow Transformation.

Honestly, this is the thing that sticks out the most to me, after looking through dozens and dozens of these photos. Collectively, it looks like everyone has more beautiful brows now. Maybe the whole online beauty guru thing isn't so bad after all.


Hmmm, Doesn't Look Like Much Has Changed.

This is a great understatement if you (and your family) have done some major growing up in the past few years.


Thank Goodness For Instagram Filters.

Everybody loves to bag on the things, but Insta filters can be kind of magical. There's a reason they became so popular.


Hey, I'm Less Pixalated Now.

Again, don't forget to acknowledge the advances in everyday camera tech during the past few years. If you don't love the before pics, just remember that you weren't actually made of only four large pixels in 2009.


What A Difference A Decade Makes.

If you feel sunny about the way the past 10 years have played out, then go ahead and share those sentiments. Sometimes it really is amazing how much can change in a decade.


Let's Make The Next 10 Years Even Better.

A positive outlook never goes out of style. Here's to seeing what those #10yearchallenge2029 pics look like.