15 Hilarious Memes For National Best Friends Day That'll Make Your BFF Giggle-Pee

by Jacqueline Burt Cote

Anybody who has a true best friend knows that every day is technically "best friends day," because a best friend is generally the thing that gets you through the day. But because a "national day" exists for literally all the things, Friday, June 8, is National Best Friends Day — so why not use it as an excuse to honor your best pal? You could send her a gift, grab coffee, get pedicures... or, because you're both too busy to do any of that, you could just text each other hilarious BFF memes for National Best Friends Day. So what can you find some that are sure to crack her up?

Naturally, funny memes having to do with close friendships abound, because having a best friend can be, well, pretty funny a lot of the time. All the private jokes, all the disastrous shared experiences (that were actually hysterical in hindsight), and all the silly moments you would never allow anyone else in the world to witness... it all adds up to comedy gold. They say it's better to laugh than cry, and that's just what a best friend is there to help you do: No matter how tough things get, she's the one who helps you to take your troubles just a little bit less seriously. And you can feel safe doing just that because you know that your BFF has your back all the time, anytime.

Whether you post these on social media or send them privately, sometimes a meme expresses your feelings better than anything else. (Can anybody remember what we did before they existed?) And every meme on this list is sure to ring ridiculously true.


Melt With You

This one is particularly appropriate if you and your BFF share lots of childhood (okay, adulthood) memories of eating many, many gummy bears together. Everybody else has those memories too, right?


Priorities, Priorities

I mean, seriously. What's more important when you're visiting someone's home: decent booze or sparkling clean floors? (If you answered the latter, probably don't come to my house.)


Hocus Pocus

Yes, patriarchy, your worst nightmare is in fact a reality: When best girlfriends hit the ladies room together, it's definitely to put a massive hex on you. (Honestly, this is not completely inaccurate these days.)


Two Of A Kind

Doesn't it just feel like your birthday and Christmas and winning the lotto all at once when you're out running errands and you randomly bump into your BFF? Personally, I always take these chance sightings as a good omen. Because, yay!


Linked In

Best friends don't need silly things like words spoken out loud to communicate with each other. All you need to do is use the force... the BFF force, that is. (The BFFF?)



"Omg, I was just texting you!" "No way!" "That's so crazy!" Yup, all BFFs have had that text exchange at some point or another. But it's always a thrill, no matter how often it happens.


No Mincing Words

After a certain number of years, best friends can safely dispense with formalities, niceties, and sometimes even manners. Hey, your BFF is there to tell it like it is, even if the truth hurts (or compares you to a panini).


Whining For Wine

Answer this question honestly: How much do you and your BFF talk about wine? (As in "I seriously don't think I will survive the rest of this day without wine" or "Are you bringing the wine?!" or "WINE I NEED WINE HELP.")


A 'Shoulder' To Cry On

It's practically part of the BFF job description: Must be available to cuddle up on the couch in a big heap of blankets and pillows for epic binge-watching sessions which will most likely involve wine (see above).


Fuzzy Memories

The truth is, sometimes there's just no better way to bond than over a night of sloppy hijinks. Shhh, nobody has to know.


No Slacking

Um, right? Selena and Meghan really hit the jackpot in the BFF department. (But you did too.)


Butter Betrayal

You could be mad at your bestie for going off your mutual diet, or you could just use it as an excuse to have a cheat day right along with her.


Double Trouble

If you can't keep each other out of trouble, the least you can do is make your horrible decisions as a team.


Separation Anxiety

Awwwwww. You're fine with your best friend having her own life, as long as she's within five minutes driving distance at all times.


Stealth Sister

When it comes to digging up the details on a potential love interest, there's literally nothing a best friend on a mission can't find.


Anything For The Insta

A best friend who will risk life and limb to make you look amazing in a photo is the best best friend of all.