11 Things You Can Only Tell Your Best Mom Friend

In life, you’re going to have a number of best friends. You’ll have your Single Adventures Best Friend, the BFF who's always down for ladies night or open mic night or any night involving a tasty beverage. You’ll have your Significant Other Best Friend, your partner in crime who also happens to be your partner in bed. They’ll love you unconditionally, and maybe they’ll even raise babies with you (if you so choose). Then there’s your Best Mom Friend, and there are certain things you can only tell your best mom friend.

I met my Best Mom Friend long before I started having kids of my own. She already had a son, but she was just a mutual acquaintance. We started chatting after I lost my daughter and was going through my own high-risk pregnancy. She reached out to let me know she’d lost a baby, too, and that she’d experienced several high-risk pregnancies. Someone who I barely knew, sharing their pain and struggles with me so I wouldn’t feel alone, was one of the kindest gestures I could think of.

Since then, I went out to have my own son, and we talk almost daily about the ups and downs of parenting and everything in between. I would not be where I am today without her constant support. This piece is dedicated to her, and to all of you who have your Best Mom Friends (or who are still looking for one). Rest assured, you will find her (or she will find you), and you’ll have every single one of these conversations.

Anything And Everything To Do With Your Labor And Delivery Experience

If you happened to give birth, you can discuss your labor and delivery experience with your partner or family members, but never in the same gritty detail as you can with your bestie. It’s a no-holds-barred sort of event when you can describe everything that happened to you while giving birth.

You can do this because you know they’ve (or perhaps their partner has) been there, too.

Anything To Do With Your Birth Injuries Or Scars

On a related note, you can certainly share info on the postpartum healing process. Maybe you had a c-section, but your bestie tore during a vaginal delivery. Even if you didn’t deliver but your best friend did, there’s just a certain camaraderie with trading “battle scar” stories.

Any Boring Stuff About Your Kid That No One Else Cares About

Non-parents don’t want to hear about how your kid finally learned how to recognize letters. Most people don’t care about your child’s first holiday show. Few people want to know about any of these mundane daily experiences your kid may or may not have, but your best friend will either actually care or at least they’ll smile politely because they get it.

Anything To Do With Your Kid’s Bowel Movements

Talking about poop comes with the territory when it comes to being a parent. However, while you probably don’t want to discuss your baby’s constipation with a stranger, you’ll certainly find yourself over-sharing with your BFF. Plus, best mom friends usually have the best advice on how to de-clog or, ahem, plug up your child’s potty issues.

Why And Where You’re Currently Hiding From Your Family

All moms need a moment of peace and privacy. Usually, however, we have to steal it. Chances are, you’ve taken an extra long bathroom break, or “lost” something in your bedroom closet, or had to take a bit longer than usual at the grocery store. And maybe, just maybe, we also spent that time texting with our best mom friend, or even meeting her for a quick drink at a local bar.

How Frustrated Your Child Is Making You Today

Frustration is a common emotion among mothers. Deal with a 2-year-old toddler or a threenager for a full day, and you’ll understand why. While other folks might think you’re exaggerating, or being a jerk in some way, your best mom friend will totally be down to trade horror stories with you. Any time. Any place.

How Much You Hate Whatever Cartoon your Kid Is Currently Into

Cartoons are a regular part of your child’s life. Unfortunately no matter how hard you try, they might not take to watching Mr. Rogers on loop like you would. Instead, they are just way too into SpongeBob at the moment and your only salvation is trading memes about it with your best mom friend.

How You Can’t Stand The Sound Of Their Elmo Doll...

Alright, this isn’t necessarily about Elmo. This could be any toy your child owns that is particularly headache inducing. You can’t exactly tell your kid how much you hate it (at least, most of the time), but that mama friend on speed dial will totally get it.

....And How You “Accidentally Lost” That Annoying Toy

Your best mom friend isn’t just there to listen. She’s also there to help you celebrate small victories, like tossing the batteries out of a noisy toy, or “accidentally” losing the most obnoxious kid’s book ever. She will even give you advice on how to handle such situations.

Anything About Your Postpartum Sex Struggles

Postpartum sex can really suck. For some, it can suck for years. So, as best mom friends, we have to support one another through libido changes, physical er, hurdles, and other such related things.

Every Time You Feel Like Running Away From Your Family

Finally, your best mom friend is going to be there for you each and every time you tell her you’re done with being a mom. She’s going to listen to you as you swear you’re about to pack up your life and move to Idaho. She’s even going to pick you up and listen to you b*tch and moan while your partner and kids are at the park, totally unaware of your plans. Then, she’s going to smile and nod when you realize you don’t actually want to leave (or uh, maybe you just can’t yet), and she’ll drive you back home because that’s what best friends do.