Priscilla Blossom

Pris Blossom is a Latinx Feminist writer and mama. Her words have appeared in Salon, Hello Giggles, and USA Today's 10Best, among others. She spends her days penning the great american novel(s), doing yoga while her toddler uses her as a jungle gym, fighting the patriarchy, and never getting enough sleep. Things she loves: TV (Gilmore Girls, X-Files, Twin Peaks, Game of Thrones, the Adventures of Pete and Pete), music (Pixies, Sufjan Stevens, and and everything they play during totally 80's weekend), travel, anthropology, libraries, museums, podcasts, and singing when no one is listening. Things she doesn't love: the heat, humidity, and traffic of South Florida life.

7 Moms Share How They Celebrate The Day Of The Dead With Their Kids

Every culture has a different way of viewing and dealing with death. And while Día de los Muertos, or The Day of the Dead, honors those who have passed, it also embraces death as an inevitability that shouldn't be ignored. Through the use of…