15 Hilarious Instagram Caption Ideas For High School Grads That Are Ready To Say "Peace"

Graduating from high school is one of those major life events that you never forget. It's the last time you and your peers — many of whom you've known since kindergarten — will all be together under one roof. And since you definitely don't want to miss documenting this epic moment, you're going to need to have your phones ready, and clever captions prepared. Whether you're planning on posting the classic "caps in the air" shot, or you prefer goofy pics with your squad, there are some seriously hilarious instagram caption ideas for high school graduation.

One of the things I remember most about my high school graduation is being deathly afraid that I would trip while walking to get my diploma. When I successfully graduated without incident, I was overwhelmed with relief. While this was all pre-instagram, if it happened now, I would most definitely be posting a pick of me crossing the stage with two simple hashtags: #thestruggle #nailedit. And if you're one of the unlucky people who does trip en route to the diploma stand, you know exactly what gif you need to drop on social media to totally own the experience.

So without further ado, here are 15 LOL instagram captions for your high school graduation.


"I'm kind of a big deal"

If you're posting a pic of you claiming your diploma, it's the perfect opportunity to quote the world's most notorious newscaster, Ron Burgundy: "I'm kind of a big deal."


"I love changes."

When you're crying your eyes out with your besties because you're all going away to different colleges, you need to post this Drake quote, "I love changes," because, well, sarcasm.


"I Twirl On Them Haters"

If some people were seriously questioning whether or not you would actually be graduating, then you know what to post while you grab that degree: "I twirl on them haters!"



If there was ever a time to quote Prince Harry, spring of 2018 is it! His royal wedding and your graduation day are both pretty major. It's time to drop the mic and caption your graduation photo "Boom."


"I'm fine."

Graduating high school can be oddly emotional. You think you're going to feel nothing but pure joy, but then you realize it's the end of an era. If all your pics feature you with mascara-stained cheeks, then captioning a series of them with "I'm fine" is just sort of perfect.


"Yas Kween!"

Everyone is going to be posting the classic "caps in the air" shot, so you're going to need a caption that's going to stand out in people's feeds. Quoting Ilana and Abbi is clearly the way to go here: "Graduation 2018. Yas Kween! Yas Kween!"



Fans of SNL will love quoting Natalie Portman's rap sketch. Snap a selfie while leaving high school for the last time and bust out this simple caption: "Peace."


"The answer is yes."

When in doubt, quote Yeezy. Captioning a picture of you in your gown with "Did I graduate? The answer is yes!" is the way to go for those who can never get enough Kanye in their life.


"So Freaking Effing Excited!"

Graduating from high school can make you feel kind of euphoric. Caption your beaming graduation pic with a quote from the divine Ms. Wiig. "So freaking effing excited!"


Dis Good. Dis Real Good.

Nothing feels better than holding your diploma after four hard years studying your butt off and navigating the social ins and outs of high schools. It's a major accomplishment that calls for posting a pic of you holding your degree with the Broad City catchphrase: "Dis good. Dis real good."


"My Mom needs to calm down!"

Graduations are exciting but some parents take it too far. If your mom is a bit of a cheering/bragging/crying lunatic on graduation day, post a pic of you and her with the funny caption: "My mom needs to calm down."


"Woo! Okay."

Take a selfie right before you walk, and caption it with a quote from none other than the pant suite gangster herself, Ms. Hillary Clinton: "Woo! Okay"


"Guys, I'm bringing the party to you."

We all know that the best part of graduating is the parties that follow. Post a pic of you at a graduation blow-out and caption it with this Avengers quote: "Guys, I'm bringing the party to you."


"I said good day!"

If you think Last Week Tonight host, and Daily Show alum, John Oliver, can do no wrong, then caption a photo of you walking out of high school for the last time with his righteous sendoff: "I said good day!"


"Can I get an amen up in this b*tch?"

Ahhh, that relief you feel when you know that you're off to bigger and better things, like college. Caption your graduation photo with this Khloe Kardashian gem, "Can I get an amen up in this bitch!?" and you'll get all of the likes.