You Know What Doesn't Suck? These Hilarious Captions About Mondays (Which Do Suck)

Poor Monday. It's the Misfit Toy of the week, the one no one plays with and no one wants to see hanging around. But like it or not, we have to face it every seven days, and we might as well make the best of it by having a little fun at its expense. Write a funny Instagram caption about Mondays first thing in the morning at the start of the week, and you'll be getting a dreary day off to a positive start.

Odd but true: A New York Times writer analyzed Google to spot trends for humor searches. He discovered that we're least likely to search for jokes on Mondays; the search count gets increasingly higher through the week and peaks on Sundays. And when we do look for humor, more than half the time we're after clean and lighthearted jokes, rather than nasty insult humor or jokes on racy or uncomfortable NSFW topics.

Maybe it's time to buck that trend and get with the funny business when we start off the week. As humor writer Joel Stein noted on the Stanford Graduate School of Business website, laughter not only makes you feel good, it also releases the "bonding" hormone oxytocin that helps you feel closer to the people around you. Stanford professors have also found that humor benefits the workplace because it makes employees more creative, resilient to stress, and less likely to quit.

Try out one of these Monday funnies on your feed, either on Sunday night or first thing Monday morning. You'll start the week smiling, and brighten your followers' day, too.

" 'Yay, Monday!' Said No One... Ever."

There's a reason it's not called TGIM. Share your lack of enthusiasm with the world.

"Monday, Why Are You Here Again? Don't You Have A Hobby?"

You'd think Monday would have better things to do than to keep coming back and torturing us.

"Sounds Like Someone's Got A Case Of The Mondays."

Every Office Space fan knows this reference about that wayyy-too-cheerful coworker whose perkiness is too much to take at the beginning of the week. (If anyone says this to you, try responding, "You're right! And you know what would cure it? A big old dose of Friday!")

"I'm so tired from the weekend that I barely have the strength to ignore my work emails."

If your colleagues really cared about you, they'd know better than to remind you that just 48 short hours ago, you were blissfully free from the workplace that now has you in its grips for the next five days.

" 'Yeah, I'm Ready For The Weekend' -9:55, Monday Morning"

It doesn't take much time at all to realize that you've had it with this week already.

"If Each Day Is A Gift, I'd Like To Know Where I Can Return Monday."

There really ought to be a department for this particular return. Can someone get on that, please?

"My day gets a little less happy every time someone wishes me a happy Monday"

Well...when you think about it, wouldn't we have the same reaction to Tuesdays or Thursdays if that was when the work week began?

"Hey, Monday, Go Step On A Lego."

You know who can relate to this Monday caption? Every. Parent. Ever. That's who.

"Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. BLINK. Monday."

There has to be some law of physics that explains how the weekend goes by more quickly than the rest of the week. (That law would also apply to vacation time.)

"Monday is my favorite day of the week not to be asked how my weekend was."

It's just a sorry reminder that it's all over.

"Dear Monday: I Want To Break Up. I'm Seeing Tuesday And Dreaming About Friday. Sincerely, It's Not Me, It's You."

Hey, it's not your fault. Some relationships just aren't meant to be.

"Warning: Monday Is Here! I Repeat, Monday Is Here! This Is NOT A Drill!"

You've prepared all weekend for this. Get onto your feed and spread the word far and wide. Maybe, thanks to your bravery, a lucky few will be spared.

"Shortest Horror Story: Monday."

Not even Stephen King could write a more chilling tale than this one.

"I Don't Like Monday Mornings. Or People Who Like Monday Mornings. Or Mondays, Or Mornings, Or People."

That pretty much sums it up. (But maybe you'll be more willing to tolerate people's company after your second cup of coffee.)

"I blame Netflix for making Mondays more unbearable than ever."

Back in the Dark Ages, when TV stations stopped broadcasting at midnight, people were actually able to keep their eyes open on Monday morning. Amazing, but true.

Edit note: This post has been updated from its original version.